Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Vacation Photos

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My grandson spotted this egret ( in the bottom left hand corner of the boulder), he has great eyes, because the egret blended in so well with the boulder, it took me a few minutes to spot it! I took the photo into my Paint Shop Pro and 'fixed' it so you can see it much better now.

This is Tom with our eldest daughter Deana and her youngest, Ayden in the Hereford Lighthouse garden.

This is Deana and her husband of 12 years, John. This was taken on the Hereford Inlet.

We took one day to go to the Cape May County Zoo. We'd never been there before and it was a really HOT day and the ocean breeze was nowhere to be felt. I wasn't looking forward to broiling out in that sun without being able to take a dip in the pool or ocean to cool off. I was having bad bouts of hot flashes that morning as well. Reluctantly I went along so as not to disappoint the grandkids. Turns out I thoroughly enjoyed it, as the zoo was set inside a very woodsy area and there was lots of shade. While it wasn't exactly 'cool' it certainly helped. This is a photo of Tom and our youngest daughter Nicki with her boyfriend Bobby right outside the zoo entrance.

I just loved all the foilage and shaded areas.

The Zoo does not charge to get in, but they do take contributions.
We didn't see any monkeys, they weren't in the cages and there were notices that they would be back at a later date. I guess they went on vacation too, lol. It was so hot that day, that many of them didn't come out of their housing.

This small fawn was 'hidden' in the shade but I found her! What's funny is, we don't really have to go to the zoo to see deer......they live right behind our house and we live in the city!

The zoo is smaller than your standart city zoo, but maybe that's why I really liked it. It wasn't overwhelming and the kids didn't tire out before we got halfway through it. We did visit the amphibian house but never made it the aviary. We were all ready to go back to our motel and don our bathing suits.

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