Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seashore Vacation Photos

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Here are some photos of our vacation to the Wildwood NJ seashore last month. This is our motel located in Wildwood Crest. We are one block from the ocean, which is in the foreground. Actually, we are one block from where the beach starts, lol it feels like 3 more blocks to the actual ocean.

Our motel has a great little play area for the kids. It's filled with sand and boasts a new climbing gym with tire swing. Behind that is a 'Noah's Ark' where the kids love to climb aboard and play 'pirate ship'.

That's my 5 year old grandson Jonah on the left and his new friend Michael on the right.

This is the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse located in Northern Wildwood on the South side of the Hereford Inlet. For a brief history of the lighthouse, click here.
I love this silhoutte of the lighthouse behind the trees taken on the inlet side.

The lighthouse property has one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen, complete with gazebo.

These paths lead up to the inlet, where you can walk along the concrete paved walkway. Several years ago the walkway was all large rocks, and very dangerous, as my grandaughter has some scars on her knees to prove it. We were glad to see that they paved over them.

These are my grandkids - Jordyn age 8, Jonah age 5 and Ayden Grace age 19 months.

These are some photos of the inlet.
We took one morning and rode over to Cape May. Some more history of Cape May. I forgot to take my camera along, as I wanted to take some photos of the gorgeous Victorian homes ( some of which have been turned into bed & breakfasts and hotels). You can get an idea of what some of them look like by clicking here .
I also forgot to take my camera down to the beach with us. Arrrgh! I'll have to remember next year.
We took one day and visited the Cape May County Zoo - and I did remember my camera! Tom and I also went to Atlantic City for a few hours and I have some photos from there, although many didn't turn out to my dismay. I'll post the zoo and AC photos in the next post.

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