Thursday, July 17, 2008

Atlantic City Pics June/July 2008

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Tom and I took one day to go to Atlantic City. We left at 9:30 am . It's about a 45 minute ride from Wildwood. We parked at the Tropicana ( our favorite casino) and walked around for a bit. We only put $20 into the machines, as we didn't come to gamble, just to get away by ourselves for a few hours. We had lunch at Hooters, inside the Tropicana. We split an order of hot wings and a Philly steak & cheese sandwich and got some onion rings with dipping sauce.

We walked the boardwalk and shops and went into the new mall off the boardwalk that has a catwalk attached to Ceasars. We took a few photos off the deck of the mall.

We had taken photos of each other right off the boardwalk and a young guy in his 30's asked us if we wanted him to take our pic together. We hesitated for just a second or two, we've all seen those movies where that question is asked and the guy takes off with your new camera LOL. Well, we decided to let him do it and he did not run away with it. Although Tom had hung my purse right behind him on the picket fence and there was another guy coming up behind the first guy, so I nonchalantly walked over and grabbed it up. Just in case!

The same thing happened right outside of Ceasars but this time it was a lady about my age so I thought what the heck. Isn't it a shame we are so untrusting?

These were taken on the walkway from the mall to Ceasars overlooking the boardwalk. Considering we were shooting through plate glass windows, I dont' think they turned out too badly.

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