Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Help Me.....I'm Melting..........

I hate summer. It is too hot and humid for me. I didn't always hate summer, it's only been the last 10 years, since I entered peri-menopause and then menopause.

When I'm roasting ( and I feel like that literally) I have no energy, I get headaches, I sweat like a pig on a spit. I'm sure being menopausal has a lot more to do with my uncomfortableness than the actual temperature.

Last Friday I went to my grandkids' last day Bible Camp at school for a little program they were putting on. The camp lasted one week and Friday was their last day. The program was held in the school gym. The windows and door were open, and there was a breeze blowing, but it was a hot breeze. A lot of people mentioned it was hot in the gym, but as I looked around, I was the ONLY one that was actually visibly sweating. It was running in rivulets down my face and into my eyes ( which burns like fire). I seem to sweat the worst on my head/face. Makes it really hard to have any kind of hair style other than a pony tail, and minimal makeup is a must. The lady sitting next to me asked if I was alright. Ummmm no. I'm melting. She handed me a brochure she had and I used it to fan myself. It helped just a little, but didn't stop the sweating. After the program, we all headed over to the school's hall for ice cream. I opted not to get any, as I didn't want to eat it, I wanted to rub it all over my face to help me cool down. That might have embarrassed my grandkids so I thought it best just to suffer.

There are some days when Mrs. Hyde takes over. Like today. My house is borderline disaster right now. As I said, when I'm overly hot, I have no energy. That's no exaggeration. Mrs. Hyde said the h-e-double L with it and shut all the windows and turned the AC on. That's the only way the housework will get done. Not that she planned to help me, but she's the one who will stand up to Tom when he gets home from work and will blast him to Kingdom Come if he gripes about the AC being on. Now when I say 'blast him' I don't mean literally folks...she isn't a murderess, but she is my menopausal half if you didn't know. She takes all the credit for outbursts, temper tantrums and she has the 'evil eye'. She can handle our husband because he can't handle her, he he.

So today, Mrs. Hyde turns on the AC and then goes out in the pool with a refreshing drink and her soft cover book while I bust out the cleaning supplies and vacuum sweeper to start on the computer room/ craft supply room. It's been cluttered and needed some reorganizing (again). I started off by sorting through all my clothes in the closet. I filled 4 kitchen sized trash bags with clothes I hadn't worn for a few years. Clothes that I had hoped I would be able to wear again if I could only lose 20+ pounds. Yeah right. Keep dreaming. It turns out after the closet was cleaned out, I had enough room on the floor to store several boxes of my craft supplies and declutter the floor outside the closet. I reorganized all my crafts in their storage units so I could better find things when I want them. Now all I have to do is remember where I put them! We have a beautiful oak roll top desk where we keep our computer and it too was beginning to clutter up with drawings from the grandkids, copies of free patterns I had made recently and I dusted and put things where they belonged. I would only take a break long enough to drink some ice water. I was still sweating, but it was more bearable with the AC on.
Tom arrived home from work and the first thing he notices is that the air is on. He caught a glimpse of Mrs. Hyde and kept his mouth shut. You have no idea how hard that is for him, he he. She proceeded to lead him into the computer/craft room and his eyeballs nearly popped out. There was no way he was going to nag about the AC now. Not when work was being done. He still believed that it wasn't hot enough out to warrant having it on, but to his credit, he went about his own business and left ours alone. I also cleaned the living room, dining room and got all the laundry done. By 8 pm though, I'd had enough cleaning for one day and started working on some crafts I wanted to finish up. Air was still on. Score one for Neenee/Mrs. Hyde!

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