Wednesday, June 29, 2016


 It's been a VERY long time since I've had anything to say/write regarding my post-menopausal journey.  Things were going pretty smoothly.  My 'Menopausal Monster aka Mrs. Hyde' has been dormant.  I've not had a period for 11 YEARS and my hot flashes are gone, although I still do not like to be overly warm. 
Every summer the family goes on a two week beach vacation to the Wildwoods in New Jersey.  Last week my three daughters and 16 year old grand daughter were discussing their cycles, I'm going to start our first week, I'll be done before we get there, I start our second week, me too.....and I pipe in with "I'm soooooo glad I don't have to worry about those any longer"  BOO Mom, BOO Gramma.  I awoke Sunday morning with an urgency to use the bathroom.  To my utter surprise there was blood in my underwear.  To my utter HORROR there was bright red blood in the toilet.  A lot of it.  My very first thought was there was blood in my urine.  Is it a kidney stone?  A urinary tract infection? I wasn't in any pain.  No burning sensations.  I cleaned myself up and put on clean underwear.  I got on the computer and looked up symptoms for kidney stones and most everything I read said if you did see blood, it was light pink, and sometimes the blood can only be detected through a laboratory test of the urine.  Everyone who has had kidney stones say they are in extreme pain.  I ruled that out.  I just didn't feel like I had a urinary infection.  When I had to use the toilet again, there was more blood in my underwear and in the toilet along with a few small clots.  Now I'm getting worried.  My husband was at the flea market and I called him to ask if he'd stop at the store and pick me up some panty liners.  I determined I was 'having a period' and how in the H*LL could THAT be after 11 years being post-menopausal?  I'm one of those people who just have to go online and start searching for possible answers.  I don't try to diagnose myself, I'm not a doctor or nurse. However I  don't want to stay in the dark and want to try to understand what 'could' be going on.  I search for post-menopausal bleeding and of course they all say it is NOT normal and to see your doctor as soon as possible.  I planned to.  The worst possible scenario of course is cancer.  A thin uterine lining that is shedding cells might mean you need some Estrogen.  Polyps and fibroids can cause bleeding.  Those are most often benign and can be removed.
Since I wasn't hemorrhaging I opted not to go to the ER.  I sat down and sent an email to my Dr.'s office explaining what was going on, in the hopes she would see it first thing in the morning and call me.  She did.  She worked me into her schedule and did an internal exam and a pelvic exam.  She concurred there was a lot of blood in my uterus.  She wanted me to see a GYN and have some ultra sounds done.  She was trying to get me seen the same day but that just wasn't working out.  I had to wait 2 more days ( today ) for my GYN appt.
 In the meantime I continued to do some research.  Something caught my eye CAN YOU GO THROUGH MENOPAUSE TWICE?  Oh Dear Lord, please tell me this isn't so.  I read several different articles/forum questions and replies and I rightfully or wrongfully came to the conclusion that the ladies who were worried may have been going through peri-menopause the first time around ( they had been in their 40's at the time and were now in their early 50's and experiencing hot flashes, mood swings but not once did I read where their periods had stopped for at least one year.  I was in my late 40's when I went through peri-menopause.  When I was about 49 or 50 I had stopped having them for 6 months and was elated, only 6 more months to go.  Then I had one, and another and another.  At one point I had gone 11 months without one....and then BINGO, got one.  I was 52 before I finally completed my FIRST FULL YEAR and to my pure happiness another 10 years went by.
 Until now.
When I went to bed last night, there was no blood on my panty liner or in the toilet.  None throughout the night and none this morning.  Hubby said  "do you want to cancel your appt."?  NO I replied, even though I'm not bleeding right now, I did for 3 days and that simply isn't normal at 63 years of age!
So this morning I had another internal exam and another pelvic exam.  The vaginal speculum was inserted and after a few seconds my body LITERALLY SPIT IT OUT onto the floor.  I am not kidding.  The Dr. was floored, said she had never seen that happen.  It was inserted correctly and I was relaxed ( as relaxed as you can be when a total stranger is peeking inside your most private parts).  I promised her 'I' did not spit it out  ( but I can't speak for Mrs. Hyde).  Her assistant got another speculum and this time it stayed put.  Now the Dr. was explaining that she was going to insert a straw like tube into my uterus and lightly scrape the lining.  The tube would suck up the loose endometrial lining and that would be sent to the lab for biopsy.  She explained it would be uncomfortable, that I'd feel some cramping.  It was, I did.  But what I was feeling was mostly probing because the tube would NOT go in.  She asked her assistant for a thinner tube, one that has a little point on the end to make it easier to poke and enter.  She was once again flabberghasted, as it just kept bending backward, it would not penetrate.  Now I'm thinking Mrs. Hyde was surely brought out of her dormant state and she was having none of these alien things poking into our body cavities.  To the Dr.'s dismay she had to forego the endometrial biopsy 'for now'.  She said a number of times she's never had this happen to her.  Naturally I couldn't explain about Mrs. Hyde, she would have made me an appt. with a Psychiatrist. I swear I heard giggling somewhere in my nether region.  I'm quite upset with Mrs. Hyde, as I really want answers to why I'm bleeding.  I don't need her interference.
So now tomorrow morning I'm scheduled for two ultra sounds, one is a pelvic and the other a vaginal.  These will be measuring my uterine lining and searching for polyps and/or fibroids.
Please say a prayer that Mrs. Hyde behaves herself and sleeps through it all.  I want this problem FIXED ASAP.
It may take up to 10 days for results. :/

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