Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Still Around

      I don't post often on here anymore since I'm now POST menopausal and no longer suffer through hot flashes  although I still HATE to be HOT or overly warm.  I don't wear sweatshirts or sweaters in the winter because...they make me too hot.  I stick to short sleeve tops and occasionally will wear a sleeveless top around the house.  Heat is never turned up above 68 degrees, even when it's in the single digits here. 
     I turned 61 in December.  I  was about 47 when diagnosed with peri-menopause, 52 when my periods finally stopped (HALLELUJAH!)  Hard to believe I started this blog/diary nearly 6 years ago.  Not much has changed.  Mrs. Hyde has permanently integrated herself.  She is me, I am her.  We're both still 'overweight' and since diagnosed with diabetes in November 2013 we are more conscious of what we are eating and watching those carbs.  Lost 11 lbs since November and we're at a plateau already.  I have 80 more to go. Once the weather warms up a bit, I think I'll take us for a walk and start getting some exercise in.  In the early Fall when walking I would experience an ice cold feeling in my chest.  Reported it to my cardiologist who was thinking 'angina' and had me take a stress test.  Apparently I passed it ( although while taking it, I thought I would literally pass out and wondered if I would die).  Since I've not been out walking in this frigid winter weather, I really don't know if the pain will start up again.  Of course it doesn't happen when I'm walking around the house or in a store, because I'm not exerting myself.  We'll see what happens when I get back out there.  Hopefully soon.
     I'm finally used to my CPAP machine.  I wear the mask all night long now.  For quite a while I could only manage 4 hours a night.  I'm still not getting a full nights rest however, as the mask is a nuisance when air leaks.  I tried the nasal pillow, cannot adjust to it.  I found that I cannot sleep at all without the mask.
     I had to have my implanted pacemaker/defibrillator replaced in Sept. of 2013 as the other one's lead pulled out of my heart.   For months, I was experiencing shortness of breath just walking around the house.  I thought it was due to my being overweight ( which is part of it I'm sure), but the pacemaker had quit pacing and it wasn't until I'd gone in for my yearly checkup to have the pacemaker tested that the Dr. found out the lead had extracted itself.
It was 6 years old by then and within the next year would have to replaced anyway due to needing a new battery, so we opted to have the surgery asap.  I do feel much better now with one that is actually working again.
     I have 5 grandkids now.  The oldest will be 14 in Feb. and the youngest is 4 mo. old.   They are such a blessing.  There is NOTHING like being a grandparent.
     I am still selling my primitive / folkart / country crafts online.  If anyone is interested, you can view my work at KKL Primitives.

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