Thursday, June 30, 2016


I had the pelvic and vaginal ultrasounds done this morning.  The tech said I should have results by middle of next week.  Two hours after I got home my GYN's office calls me and says they have the results.  Already?  Eeek.  That made me nervous.  Apparently it's nothing that requires emergency 'service'.  There were no polyps or fibroids detected.  However, the uterine lining for a woman of my age ( 63 ) should be 5mm or less and mine is 10mm, doubled. That doesn't sound good.  I go back to the GYN this coming Wednesday and and I have to have ANOTHER exam ( my 3rd in less than a week) and a discussion about a D & C (dilation and curettage) which will require an outpatient visit to the hospital.  I will be anesthetized and dilated to open up my cervix and the endometrium lining will be scraped for that biopsy they weren't able to complete yesterday.
I was hoping to be able to schedule the D & C before we leave for our 2 week family beach vacation, but was told the 'turnaround' was too soon.  Hopefully when we get home then. Two weeks after that my husband and I are planning a 2 week trip to California which we've both really been looking forward to.  I pray we won't have to cancel.  But it is what it is and my health has to come first.
I'm thinking that regardless of whether there are cancerous cells or not, there is a hysterectomy in my near future.  No, my doctor never told me that, but like I said, I read too much.  :/

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