Friday, November 16, 2012

IT WORKS or does it? Day 1

 Ok, I'm trying a little experiment.  There is a product out there called IT WORKS.  A whole line of homeopathic and herbal products that claim they can help you lose weight, tone up, lose inches, detoxify, and I know a sales rep 'personally' that is a crafter, like myself and uses the products herself and claims they work for her.
I KNOW there is no such thing as a 'miracle pill' but that did not stop me from purchasing one of the It Works chin wraps.  I have a turkey waddle.  Not huge, but it's there.  I don't like it.  
 Chin stretching exercises that my Mom told me to try years ago only gave me stretch marks.
So I bought a chin wrap.  Just one.  $35.  With directions to cut it up to make a total of 6 wraps.
 I followed the directions to the T.  After 72 hours ( claims to continue working during that time) I did another one.  Then another one.  I did NOT notice any improvement.  NADA, NON, NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP.  I let my friend know I didn't get any results and she tried to be very helpful.  Maybe I needed to detox first, with green tea.  
After talking to someone in the business, it was decided that it could be that all the meds I am on is thwarting any positive results.  End of story............or end of Part 1?

Now we are at several weeks later.  I have noticed that the past few weeks I feel bloated all the time, my lower back really hurts.  I feel enormous.  My 3 year old grand daughter wanted to know why my belly was so fat.  I am not a BIG eater, but I know I do eat the wrong foods.  I've measured, I've cut out foods, but I cannot stick to a DIET.  I've tried over and over.  I don't get the exercise I need because of lower back pain or pinched nerves in my legs, it's always something.

I had a Dr. appt. Tuesday and we went all over this.  She surprised the hell out of me when she suggested Gastric By Pass surgery as an option.  I was really dumbfounded, because I thought that was a 'drastic' option for people who weighed over 300 lbs.  Well, I hate to admit this but I weighed in at 222.  They MOST I've ever weighed in my nearly 60 years and I am not a happy camper. I did some research on gastric by pass and this is NOT something I am ready to consider.  I would actually have to go through screenings and meetings to see if I even qualify but at this point it's all moot.

So..... I decided to give IT WORKS a shot.  I purchased a bottle of Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with carb inhibitors and a jar of GREENS.  They are not cheap, but 'if' they help me, it's well worth it.  Even if it's only PSYCHOLOGICAL.  Because nothing else has worked.  Tried Weight Watchers, couldn't stick to it.  Tried Curves, couldn't keep up with it because of pinched nerves.  So what do I have to lose except pounds or the money I spent on them.  It's only paper.
I'm supposed to take 2 tablets of the Fat fighter within one hour of a large meal ( especially if it's a fatty meal).  It is supposed to :
  • Block some of the fat & carbs from meals
  • Helps balance blood glucose level and reduce cravings
The Greens is an alkalizing drink powder with the nutritional value of 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving that you mix with water.   2 little cupfuls ( cup comes with it) and my friend suggests if you put it in water to also add a packet of Special K20 protein water mix 
( made by Kelloggs).  She also adds it to coffee, tea, juice.  Normally you would drink this once a day but I'm trying the BOOSTER and doing it 5x day for 10 days.  It actually doesn't taste bad at all mixed with the K2O.  I was surprised and glad.

I was expecting this package yesterday so wanting to eat better too, I had a bowl of raisin bran with milk for breakfast. For mid morning snack I had a can of V8, for lunch I had a banana.  For dinner I had one slice of pizza.  For a snack I had a small cup of fruit.  We have candy laying around from Halloween and I wasn't even tempted to take a bite!  Not one!  I had my daughter pick me up some green tea and lemon and had 2 cups of that.   I will have to remember not to drink it in the evening though as I had to pee several times during the night.
 This is why I'm saying it COULD by psychological - on my part anyway.  I know from past experience that I cannot stick to a 'diet' and to have to change my whole way of eating FOREVER is just too damned drastic.  I still want to be able to eat a slice of pizza now and then, a slice of cake, my beloved Skippy peanut butter on a half toasted bagel.  CHEESE!  I love cheese.  Now I'm making myself hungry.   

Today for breakfast I had a half toasted bagel with strawberry jam.  Mid morning I had some green tea and lemon.  For lunch a small piece of pizza.  In between I've been drinking water and have had 3 of the greens drinks so far.  Will spread the other 2 out for before dinner and after.  
I can honestly say I am not HUNGRY.   Psychological?  Maybe.  I plan to have a tuna salad for my dinner with some onion, a hard boiled egg and a T. of mayo - and I will take a Fat fighter tablet for the mayo.  

I've been reading some posts about  IT WORKS on a scam board that are both positive and negative.  I prefer to come to my own conclusion.
I will keep you informed how things are going  for me.  It's green tea time.  Til later.

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