Friday, November 16, 2012


 It has been several months since I posted.

 It has been AGES since Mrs. Hyde visited but she made a surprise ( to me) visit and stayed almost 2 weeks. 

In this time I was very upset with Tom.  It seemed like he was always picking on me for something really stupid.  Each time I would respond with a sarcastic remark.  He would roll his eyes and mutter under his breath "WHAT is your PROBLEM?!" and I would reply quite loudly...."YOU, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM".  Then that would be the end of that until the next complaint / shouting match. 
I had a follow up Dr.'s appt. for my blood pressure late Tues. morning.  Before we left, Tom stood at the stove eating a piece of leftover Halloween chocolate.  He said "Who keeps leaving candy wrappers on the counter?"  Well DUH!  We're the only two that live here, and if it wasn't him, I suppose it had to be me, right?  I told him it was me.  He counters with " why didn't you put them in the garbage?"  " Maybe because I got sidetracked, who knows?"  Then he starts to say something sarcastic and I blew up.  "IF TWO CANDY WRAPPERS SITTING ON THE COUNTER BOTHERS YOU SO FREAKING MUCH, THROW THEM AWAY YOURSELF!".  He replies "YOU BETTER TALK TO YOUR DR, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!!".

I always take my medication list with me when I go to the Dr.'s, and I needed some refills.  Dr. M. says, why isn't your Venlafaxine on here?  What's that?  Your Effexor XR...and then it hit me.....that's for my ...........................WAIT FOR IT.........................WAIT FOR IT...............

MOOD SWINGS!!!!!   I hadn't taken my medication for nearly 2 weeks!!!  I have no clue what happened to the bottle.  Luckily for me ( and Tom) he went down to the drugstore as soon as we got home and picked it up for me.   You aren't supposed to go off this medication cold turkey.  I wasn't even trying to get off it.  But I do know when I miss 2 days in a row I get horrible headaches.  And I DID get headaches, but did not realize I was out of those pills.  That's pretty easy to do I guess, it's not like I take one or two - I take 9 pills ( includes aspirin) a day.  I even distribute them in those weekly medicine containers.  Can't understand how I missed them, but I suspect Mrs. Hyde had something to do with it.

It's been quiet on the home front for the last two days.  Things are back to normal.  Tom asked me both mornings if I took my mean pill.


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