Saturday, May 01, 2010

Where Is Mrs. Hyde When I Need Her?

Tom likes to be 'warm' and I like to be 'cool' or at least comfortable.  For the past week he kept all the windows in the house closed, and I didn't complain because the weather at night had been on the cool side.  Yesterday the temp went up to 80 degrees.  The house did feel nice and cool and 'comfortable' so I didn't bother opening any windows, as I felt it would let the heat in.  With the sun beating on the roof all day by early evening I really needed to have some fresh air let in so started opening windows.  DARN IT if Tom didn't shut all the windows right before he went to bed.  I don't understand his reasoning and I'm so tired of arguing with him about it and I asked him to at  LEAST keep our bedroom window open so I could get a good nights sleep.  He said okay but if he got cold he was going to close it.  It was in the 70's when I went to bed at 11:30!!!  He slept with the flat sheet and thin quilt over him, I didn't use anything.  When I got up this morning, our window was only open 6 inches!!!!!!!!!!   Mrs. Hyde  where are you?  Our husband needs to be disciplined!!  You went away and never came back.  Did you think I no longer needed you?  Please come back.  I'll take you on vacation with us if you do  :)  Our motel has Air Conditioning!!!!!

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