Friday, January 22, 2010

Possible Nerve Problem

I had an appt. with my doctor today to let her know that those muscle relaxant pills don't seem to be doing me much good - the spasms/twitches are still occurring and since I've never been in any pain, I don't think I need a muscle relaxer.  Everything is a 'process of elimination'.  She is now wondering if the twitches are caused by nerves in my spine.  She is sending me to a neurologist that specializes with the thoracic nerve.  What is puzzling to her is that I'm in no pain.  I'll be calling for an appt. on Monday.
I'm going away for the weekend with my daughters and grandchildren to visit my sister in Michigan and attend my nephew's wife's baby shower tomorrow.  We will be staying at a hotel with an indoor pool so we can all 'play' tomorrow night. 

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