Saturday, October 24, 2009

Been A Bad Week

Today is day number 7 that I've been sick with a sore throat and bad cough and general fatigue.  I wasn't sure what I have and wasn't feeling any better by day 6  so made an appt. with my doctor yesterday.  Turns out I have bronchitis and an ear infection.  I'm on an antibiotic now and keeping my fingers crossed I will no longer be 'sick' come Tuesday when my 4th grandbaby will be delivered.  Daughter is having a C-section and I'm supposed to go into the labor room but won't be able to if I'm still sick.

I mentioned to my doctor the fluttering, throbbing sensations I keep getting on my right side beneath the rib cage and she didn't seem very concerned since I'm not in any pain.  She said if it gets worse or I start experiencing pain  then she will order an ultra sound to see if the gall bladder is involved.  I just wish these sensations weren't so damned annoying.  I actually had them while in the waiting room and wouldn't you know it, when I was called in they stopped !!!!!  Grrrrrr  I wanted her to feel them - Tom did and said it felt like a baby kicking like when I was pregnant.  Exactly.  Only I'm not pregnant, so what the hell is the problem??

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  1. HAAAAAAAAAA! If a baby was kicking you wouldn't be a menopausal this point I'd rather be a monster!!!! Feel better....!


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