Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What A Great Fall Day!!!

I'm lovin' it!!!  It's cool enough to have to use a blanket at night and chilly enough in the morning to really enjoy my hot coffee.  It's windy and the leaves are whirling and twirling about. 
I've invited my children and their families over for dinner today so this morning I plan to work on some crafts and then will have to put everything away ( that means put everything on my bed until they leave and I can put them back out on the dining room table) so we will have a place to eat!  That's been one of Tom's biggest complaints, that the house looks so cluttered with all my crafts spread out between the dining room, our bedroom and the computer room. 
Our youngest daughter still lives at home but is planning to move out in November to live with her boyfriend.  They have been  looking at apartments.  I plan to change her room into a sewing/craft room before Tom tries to move any of his jukeboxes or soda machines in there!!!  He has the entire basement and garage....he CANNOT have her bedroom too!!!!  I have staked my claim and Mrs. Hyde will help me protect it.  She still has that cow prod Thomas.
I've already purchased a long banquet table to use as my craft table and to set my sewing machine on.  I've been searching Craigslist and the PennySaver for wooden shelves and book cases to use for storing craft supplies.  I've also been perusing websites looking for the 'perfect' window treatment.  I would love to use a tobacco cloth panel, but I would need 4 and they are quite expensive, so I'll have to settle for some homespun valances or panels.  The very first thing I want to do, is repaint.  My daughter wanted pink walls and they are soooo ugly, LOL.  She had started to stencil a rose border along the top of the walls a few years ago and never finished it, 3/4 of one wall is done and 3/8 of another wall is done.  I'm going to choose my curtains first and then I'll choose the paint color.

 My 2 year old grandaughter has pink eye again.  She had it last week and it cleared up right away with the prescribed eye drops.  Mom's going to take her back to her pediatrician this morning.  Poor baby woke up at 7:30 crying "I can't see...I can't see" but wouldn't let me wipe her eyes with a warm wash cloth.  She fell back to sleep. 

 I'm still having those 'spastic' throbs on my right side below the ribcage.  I'm not in any pain but they are annoying the crap out of me.  I'm due to see my Dr. soon so will be sure to bring that up.  Someone told me they thought it might be 'gas'.  If that's true....I could blow up my entire street with the gas that's building up in me.  It doesn't feel like gas.  It feels like my intestines are having a free for all or doing the boogie.

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