Thursday, May 07, 2009

1st Month Weigh In

Today was my first weigh in and measurements since joining Curves last month. I lost 4 1/4 inches and 3 1/4 lbs.
I'm thrilled with the inches as I've really been working hard. I'm a little disappointed in the lbs. loss though as I was so sure it would be closer to 6 lbs. Oh well, a loss of any kind is better than a gain! I'm not 'dieting' because I just can't stick to one. Instead I've been using portion control and eating pretty much what I want. If I want pizza I have 2 slices instead of 3. Instead of a whole bagel for breakfast, I'll have 1/2. But if I want to lose a little bit faster I do see where I'm going to have to make some better 'choices'. I've also been eating 6 times a day rather than the 2 meals I was eating everyday, breakfast and dinner. At least I don't feel 'deprived' of the foods that I enjoy, and hopefully I'll be able to stick to this and at this time next year I hope to have lost the excess 60 lbs. that I've been carrying around for the past few years.

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