Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Joining Curves

I've been wanting to join Curves after seeing the wonderful results my eldest daughter has made in the 2 months that she's been a member. She's lost a little over 20 lbs and 8 inches on her last weigh in and measurement a few weeks ago. Besides Curves, she is also doing Weight Watchers and she gets a lot of walking in on her job. I was hesitant about Curves because of my Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, so double checked with my cardiologist and he gave me the go ahead!

I've had this nasty rash on my leg for 2 months that I thought was hives. My sister-in-law thought it looked like cellulitis so I did go see my doctor a week and a half ago. She said it was definitely not hives nor cellulitis but didn't know what it was. She gave me scripts for a steroid ointment and anti-itch pill. The ointment seems to have worked so far as clearing up the area I had......but now the rash has spread to the other side of my leg and upwards to to the calf area. It's driving me crazy and is so unsightly. I'm going to call a dermotologist this afternoon to see if I can get in this week.

Tom and I just returned this Sunday from a week 'road tripping'. We had a great time and when I got home I had several craft orders waiting for me so I've been busy the past two days working on those.

We got some snow flurries overnight and this morning. The tops of our bushes and cars were covered but it's not laying so that's a good sign.

We noticed as we were coming home from our trip from Illinois and riding the turnpike through Indiana and Ohio that the closer we got to Pittsburgh the greener it was. I think we are all wintered out and looking forward to some nice warm weather. Notice that I didn't say 'hot' weather. Or 'humid'. Once summer gets here I'll be looking forward to some nice winter weather I'm sure. That's the fickle menopausal monster in me.

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