Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blood Work Is Done

I finally got the blood work done and shipped off to Correlagen Labs in Boston last week. I'll be 'patiently' waiting for the next 6 weeks or so for the results of the genetic testing.
I normally go to LabCorp for my bloodwork but I was told they don't do work for labs other than their own and the Cleveland Clinic. I had to do some checking around and was finally able have Quest Labs do the draw, but there was a condition - I had to have blood work drawn for one of my doctors THEN they would draw the blood for Corralegen. Luckily I had an old script from Sept. that I kept forgetting to take to the lab, and I used that.

I'm finally getting more used to my CPAP machine. I still prefer the nose mask to anything else I've tried. I wish I could get used to the nasal pillow, I think I'd sleep better if I could.

My eldest daughter joined Curves about 5 weeks ago and lost 14 lbs and 8 inches in that time period but had lost 5 lbs right before that - doing WW. She looks wonderful and credits the Curves workout with really speeding up her metabolism. I'm going to call my cardiologist tomorrow to see if Curves is something I might be able to do.
I know it's a good cardiac workout, but with my cardiomyopathy, I want to make sure it's 'safe' for me.
Tom is concerned because as he pointed out, my dad was given the OK to return to his bowling league and while bowling he died of a 'heart attack'. He was 42 years old and we believe he had cardiomyopathy too since it's genetic and mom's heart was strong and healthy.
One of our neighbors passed away and there was an estate sale this weekend. Tom stopped over and got an exercise cycle, so I'll be using that too. The price was right - free!!

I've not been dieting, I just don't have willpower, but I have been cutting back on my portions and drinking lots more water. My jeans are too big in the waist now and I have to wear a belt. My first impulse was to go out and buy new jeans, but I want to go down several sizes so I'm going to hold off a while yet.
I love my peanutbutter and cheese so have been drastically cutting back on those too. I'll have jelly on my 1/2 bagel instead of the peanutbutter. I've cut back from a whole bagel to a half. Just little things, but they add up.

Will be busy this week catching up on laundry and packing for our Chicago trip. That came up fast. Saturday my daughters and eldest granddaughter and I are driving to Michigan for my nephew's fiance's bridal shower. We'll head home Sunday and Monday morning Tom and I will leave for our trip.

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