Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's A Small World After All

I've been a member of Facebook for about a year now. I originally joined to network with other crafters. Only recently did I start doing a search for people I lost touch with. I typed in a friend's name ( Kathy N.) and the very first photo to come up reminded me of her mother, when I last saw her 46 years ago. I viewed Kathy's friends and one surname jumped out at me. I just KNEW I found Kathy. The 'friend' was a cousin of hers who happens to be a cousin of one of my cousins. Sound confusing? Kathy's mother's brother married my mother's sister and had two kids, John ( Jack) and Linda. Kathy's mother and my mother had been best friends for many years. They eventually lost touch too. The last time I had seen Kathy, we were in the fourth grade. We were amazed that we shared the same cousins, but weren't actually cousins to each other so we liked to pretend that we were. Kathy had 6 siblings, just as I did. I took a chance and sent her a message through Facebook to verify that she was indeed the Kathy N. I thought she might be. She was. She was tickled, as her sister Colleen talked her into joining Facebook just recently and she thought it was a little 'silly' until I contacted her. We've been playing catchup for the past few days. I told her that my hubby worked for the Post Office and she wrote back saying "What a small world, I work for the Post Office too ( at the General Mail Facility on the North Side of town). Although she didn't say what craft she was in or what shift she worked. I wrote back and told her that our eldest daughter also worked at the GMF in maintenance and she worked the 10 - 6:30 shift. My daughter stopped by here last night before going to work and I was telling her about Kathy. There are so many people who work at the GMF, that the chance of her knowing Kathy would be slim at best. She said if she had more time I could have shown her Kathy's photo on Facebook, but it was time for her to leave for work. She stopped by the house here this morning to pick up the grandkids who had spent the night. It turns out she has known Kathy for the four months that she's been at the GMF, but Kathy had no clue that Deana was related to me, nor did Deana know who Kathy was. They just knew their first names. Even if Kathy had known Deana's last name, it would not have meant anything to her since it's not my maiden name.
Just a few weekends ago my youngest daughter and I were looking through old photos and there was one of me in my communion dress with a little friend. That little friend was Kathy. Deana wants me to look up the photo so she can take it into work to show Kathy.
I just think it's so neat that we have the internet to help us hook up with long lost friends and relatives. I'm sure some people would prefer NOT to be found, lol - but in this case, it's been a really nice 'adventure'. I don't know where it will lead, if Kathy and I will reunite in person, but it's a possibility and one I would look forward to.

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