Friday, January 23, 2009

Surgery Update - Lead Replacement

I had to be at the hospital by 5:30 am on Wednesday. I was taken into surgery at 7:00 and the procedure took almost 2 hours. The surgeon opened the same incision pocket but had to widen it as he was having trouble getting to the lead. Once it was replaced and screwed into the right ventricle they had to shock me with my defibrillator to make sure it was working correctly. It burned my back and chest - but looks like a bad sunburn. You can see some of the burn beneath the incision in the photo. The right side of my chest is like that also and a large area on my back. The stitching is done beneath the skin and then a 'glue' is applied to the outside of the incision and that will wear away within a week.

I'm very sore and uncomfortable, but that's to be expected. I might have to have Tom fill my Vicadin prescription
today so I don't have another bad night of sleeping. I don't need it during the day.

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  1. So glad everything went well :-)


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