Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My First Shock

Hoo boy. I just had my first shock from my defibrillator about a half hour ago. I'm still shaking. I was actually on the toilet when it happened...I got very light headed, then saw a flash of white light and then felt a THUMP in my chest. I nearly fell off the toilet. I'm home alone and very shaky, so I called my Dr. and he had me do an interrogation over the phone on my pacemaker/defib device, I am still waiting to hear back.
It's so weird. Just last night I was visiting the HOCM community I belong to and one of the women there said she had 13 shocks in one day. Another one said she had 26. I'm thinking to myself how lucky I've been not to experience one in 2 years of having the device and BAM I get one today.
It was very uncomfortable and scary but not nearly as painful as I was expecting...but I do NOT want to experience another one anytime soon. And......I may now have a phobia about using the toilet.

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