Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Stupid mask!!! I cleaned it out, refilled with distilled water and made sure the hose part was connected properly and it's still gurgling. Now how the heck am I ( and Tom) supposed to fall asleep with that irritating gurgle?!! I didn't wear the mask at all last night. Mainly because I think Tom would have kicked me out of bed and had that happened, Mrs. Hyde was sure to retaliate and I'm not sure what she would have done. Sometimes I just don't trust her.
Take last night. Tom tends to 'poof' when he's sleeping. It's not really a snore. His mouth is slightly open and little poofs of air blow in my face. Usually I'll just either roll over or say "Tom, roll over" and he does and no more poofing for at least a half an hour or so. Last night Mrs. Hyde was already irritated because she was looking forward to a good night's sleep and we didn't wear the mask so that plan was shot down. We were just ready to fall into stage one of sleep when the 'poofing' started. She reached over and was about to pinch Tom's nostrils when I gasped and restrained her. I didn't realize just how strong she is, she fought me for a good three minutes and then Tom rolled over on his own. Whew...he's lucky. I really have to figure out what's wrong with that stupid mask so we can wear it tonight. I don't know how much longer I can restrain Mrs. Hyde, she's been so irritable and exhausted and I think she needs a good night's sleep better than I do.

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