Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's Finally Here

My CPAP machine was delivered last night. It's actually much smaller than the one I used at the Sleep Center. Matt, the guy who delivered it and explained to me how to operate and clean it said some of the benefits to using the machine besides a good night's sleep it helps to lower blood pressure, reduced levels of depression, increases concentration and may even speed up metabolism. That last one is news to me, and I'm trying to find a source that confirms that but so far haven't found it. Wishful thinking, lol
I let Tom hear the machine hum to make sure it wasn't going to bother him and he did wince and suggested if it bothered him that I could 'move' into the living room onto the couch. Maybe he could just move to the couch!!

I waited until he was asleep and then put the mask on and turned on the machine. I had to adjust the chin straps a little because the nose part was 'leaking' some air. I'm not sure how long I lay there with my eyes closed waiting to fall asleep, it felt like it took about an hour.
I do know that I made it to the dream stage because I had a couple of doozies. I woke up at 2:30 to use the bathroom and instead of taking the mask off, I pulled off the hose and then put it back on when I got back into bed. I must not have had it on securely because the nose part was making some kind of 'burping' sound that was driving me insane. I tried to readjust it with no success. I'll need to read the manual this morning. I made it 7 hours with the mask on and then had to rip it off. The burping sound is what was bothering me and I know it bothered Tom too, I could tell by the little sighing noises he made. It was almost 6:30 time for him to get up for work anyway. I kept the mask off and did fall back to sleep for another hour and a half. I wish I could say I woke up refreshed and felt like I had a good night's sleep, but I didn't. I guess it won't happen overnight.

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