Saturday, December 13, 2008

Duh.....It's The Humidifier

I called the Home Care Provider yesterday morning to see if someone could explain why my CPAP was gurgling and spitting. It's because water got into the hose from the humidifier being turned up too high. That wasn't in the troubleshooting section of the manual but I guess if I had been getting enough sleep the common sense section of my brain would have been more alert and guessed that on my own. DUH. Never occurred to me. All I had to do was turn the knob on the humidifier down a notch - from 3 to 2 and hang the hose and mask over the shower to drain. Last night there was no more gurgling, although I was only able to keep the mask on for 4 hours. It was really bothering me. I tried to loosen the straps some but that only made air leak from under the mask, which isn't supposed to happen if you have it fitted properly. It's going to take some getting used to. I can't say that I've had a really good night's sleep since getting the mask Monday...but I'm not giving up yet.
When my daughters asked Tom if the machine bothered him he said yes, since I got the machine HE hasn't had a good nights sleep and he's not too sure he likes sleeping with Darth Vader.

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