Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just About A Week Now

I can't help but feel a little disappointed in my CPAP machine. Tomorrow will be a full week that I've had the machine and I don't feel any different. I do not feel like I'm getting a good night's rest. I keep hearing the hum of the machine in my head with my eyes closed. You can hear the pattern of breathing. I hold my breath for a few minutes to make sure that's what I'm hearing, and it is. It's keeping me awake. I know that at some point I do fall asleep because I made it to the dream state last night. A really bizarre dream that involved my CPAP machine.
I've been hanging the tubing over my bed post because the machine is supposed to be lower than bed level and the table it's sitting on is just bed level. In the dream the hose was over the bed - but also hanging out the window behind the bed. I don't have a window behind the bed. Sometime during the night I wasn't getting any air through the mask and it woke me up ( in the dream). For whatever reason, I went outside below the window that really isn't there and someone....SOMEONE......had taken the hose and stretched it all along the side of the house, into the back and tacked it up high near the roof line. How weird is that? I woke up from this goofy dream and air was leaking out the sides of the mask because I had rolled over onto my side in my sleep. I've noticed that the only way the air works properly with no leaks is if I'm lying on my back. I don't normally sleep like that and I think that's part of the reason I'm still not getting a good night's rest. The very first night I kept the mask on for 7 hours. That's been the only night I've been able to do that. The remaining nights this past week it's been 2-3 hours on......off for 2 hours and back on for a couple hours. I guess I was expecting a miracle cure. I was told to give it at least 3 weeks.
Two more to go...........will I make it??

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