Sunday, August 17, 2008

There's Nothing Like A 'Lift'

I don't mean a face lift.....although I'm sure I could use one. Especially around the eyes and the jowls.
I'm talking about when you get an unexpected compliment.

Two weekends ago when Tom had the long weekend off, on Saturday we took a ride down to the Strip District. No, not the X-rated district.....the Strip District is a historic neighborhood here in Pittsburgh. In the early 19th century it was home to mills and factories. Because it was located right on the Allegheny River and there were rail lines, it also became a network of merchant wholesalers for fresh produce, meats, fish & poultry.Trains used to bring in fresh products almost daily. Those times are long gone now. Warehouses are now restaurants, nightclubs, bars and specialty shops. There used to be a produce market on every corner. Now there is only one. There are still Ethnic markets like Italian, Mexican, Greek and Asian. On the weekends the vendors will set up outside like an open air farmers market, cooking and selling food that you can eat at small tables in front of the shops. At night time, the Strip is popular for those that enjoy the nightclub scene.

Tom and I went to the Strip mainly to go to Wholeys - which is a fish market -but they also sell other meats. As we were browsing, Tom saw Mark, a guy he works with at the Post Office. He introduced me to Mark and Mark says he remembers meeting me a long time ago. Mark was on vacation and wouldn't be back to work for another week. He was down the Strip with his daughter and his sister.
We ran into them at least twice more before we headed home.

Last week Tom came home from work and said Mark was back from vacation and the very first thing he said to Tom was.....'your wife is pretty'. Tom said 'I know'.

That totally took me by surprise and made my entire day....heck my entire YEAR! I don't think of myself as pretty anymore. I'm 55, overweight and have bags under my eyes........and the drooping jowls I mentioned earlier. But that REALLY made my day and lifted my spirits. Not just what Mark said, but that Tom agreed. I don't remember him ever telling me I was pretty.

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