Saturday, August 09, 2008

I Feel More Like Gramma Today

I guess I just needed a little break. I have to admit that after I took the grandkids to the park yesterday we all came home with a different attitude. Yep, me too.
The weather was actually cooler than it has been for weeks and there was a heavenly breeze all day long. The kids ran off some of that nervous energy they have and I enjoyed watching them having fun. Ayden ( 19 mo.) loved having me push her on the baby swing and she liked to climb on the play gym the park has. Jonah (5) took along his scooter and was content to ride that. He also hooked up with another little boy and they took turns on the scooter and played their version of soccer. Jordyn (8) played hide-n-seek with the boys but she tired of that quickly when they kept hiding in the same places. I mean......there are only so many trees you can hide behind.
I was surprised that after an hour they were ready to go home. They were really pretty good for the rest of the afternoon. Oh, there were a couple incidents, but they didn't bother me quite so much.

Tom and I are going to his work union picnic tomorrow and my daughter offered to paint my finger and toe nails for me ( aaaah to be pampered) so I took her up on it and stopped by this evening for a little while. I had also picked up some hair color to refresh those darned skunk patches I get at the roots and Tom liked the color, a bit darker and brighter than usual. Of course when Jordyn saw me, she stood with her hands on her hips and gave me 'the look' and said "ahhhh Gramma, that color doesn't look good on you. You need to get rid of that red, and do something with those bangs."

Great, now I'm going to be self conscious all day tomorrow. Thanks sweetie.

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