Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Week 2 : Six Week Body Makeover

I don't know for sure if it's Mrs. Hyde or myself that is getting 'weak'. We both enjoy food ( all the wrong stuff of course) and we both would really like to be able to get back into our summer clothes from last year. Even better would be to find out those clothes are too BIG!! But that's probably just a fantasy. What is reality is, Bob our next door neighbor is a baker for an Italian Bread store down the street from us. At least twice a week he brings us over some fresh wheat bread and French bread. Today there were sausage rolls and these wonderful big buns for sandwiches. I made some hot sausages for Tom and Nicki. The smell was getting to me, even though I wasn't yet hungry, it got the 'juices' going. The grandkids love Bob's bread too and will eat it plain. The baby is no exception, she knows what's in those big brown bags that he brings over and she wants one. It has to be whole like her big brother's bread. She will take a bite out of the middle and then pull out peices of bread with her fingers. When she's finished, the crust is more like a bowl. Today she didn't finish her bread and either Mrs. Hyde, or me......it's possible we merged into one for a second or two....almost took a bite.
One bite would have led to two, and two to three. We hurriedly tossed it into the trash can and buried it under coffee grounds so neither of us would be tempted to pull it out and gnaw on it if we happened to sleepwalk tonight.

Once again I was able to make it to the midafternoon snack. Past few days I'm just simply not hungry to eat that dinner meal. The plan stresses it's important to finish all meals and not skip any. How do you eat when you just aren't hungry? I can't do it.

What's hard for me is having to cook a separate meal for the family. They like salads okay, but before their meal not 'as' their meal. Today as I fixed their sandwiches, they brought tears to my eyes. They smelled so wonderful I was salivating but when I thought of my rabbit dinner of lettuce and tomatoes my mouth dried up like a prune. Smell is a big part of food.
Someone should come up with some food scents that you spray on your salads that make you 'think' you are eating lasagna or a pot roast.
Calorie and fat free of course.

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