Friday, June 06, 2008

Dream Interpretation : Teeth Falling Out

I have a number of times, dreamt that all of my teeth fall out. It never hurts. They just fall out on their own. I tried to look it up to see what it could mean, but there are just so many different interpretations, and none of them seem to pertain to 'me'. I am not a tooth grinder, I've never had braces. One interpretation is that you could be concerned about your physical appearance. I had this dream again last night.

Well........yeah....ok. I need to lose at least 50 lbs. My teeth don't weigh that much. If they all fall out......I'm still going to be 50 lbs overweight. That can't be it.

On the other hand, I've not stuck to my 6 week makeover plan 'exactly' as the plan states. Yesterday I had a 2 oz piece of steak for dinner instead of the 'allowed' fish, turkey or chicken. Later in the evening because it was close to 90 degrees here Tom wanted to go down to Blinkey's for a beer. He didn't hear me say : Oh, sorry Tom, you go on ahead, I'm not supposed to drink beer or any other alcholic beverages while on this plan". I had my sandals on and purse in hand within 2 minutes. A nice cold beer was too irresistable. Did I mention that while we were on our second glass that he also ordered 10 hot wings? Yeah, I helped him eat them. Shoot me.

I got on the scale this morning and weigh the same.

And all of my teeth are still rooted to my gums.

Another interpretation for dreaming about losing your teeth means you may be coming into some money.
BULL!! I've had these dreams for 20 some years off and on and I'm no wealthier than I ever was.
Of course, Tom has a $25,000 life ins. policy on me through work.......maybe HE'S the one who will come into money.

How many of you have had this same dream? It's supposed to be 'universal'.

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