Monday, June 02, 2008

Mrs. Hyde & The Makeover Plan

Mrs. Hyde has been 'hiding' for quite a while. I didn't know if she was 'happy' about my new makeover plan or not, she's not had anything to say. But after yesterday's performance, I think she's going to co-operate with me.

Mrs. Hyde decided to make an appearance yesterday when our daughter Carey arrived in this really CUTE outfit.

It was a light tan tunic top with gold sequins around the neckline and hem. She was wearing brown leotard type leggings ( stopped above the ankle) with really cute brown wedgie sandles that also had sequins on the straps. She looked fabulous and Mrs. Hyde actually said......."oh Carey!!! That looks stunning on you honey, maybe I can borrow it when I lose all this weight!"

Come on Mrs. Hyde, that outfit looks great on Carey. She's 32 years old. Honestly now, you're 55 years old and even if you did lose 60 more lbs and could fit into that, people would be pointing fingers at you and snickering ' look at that old lady trying to dress like a 30 year old'.

Although I have to admit, I sure wish I could wear something like that.

I had an aunt, my mom's half sister Aunt Emily who was in her 60's when I was a sophomore in high school. That was back in 1968-69 when mini skirts and go-go boots were the style. Aunt Emily would come to visit and SHE was wearing mini skirts and white go-go boots at her age!!! Well..............all I will say is that when she wasn't within ear shot, we kids had a good ole belly laugh at her expense.

But now, that I'm nearing 60 myself. I can totally understand WHY she wore that getup. She didn't want to get 'old' any more than I do, and if she 'felt' younger and happier wearing that garb, now I can say 'good for you old girl'.

So, Mrs. Hyde......if you really, really want to borrow Carey's outfit when we are skinny enough to fit into that outfit, even if it's 5 years outdated by then old girl, we are damn well going to wear that at least once out in public.

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