Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day 7: Six Week Body Makeover Plan

We had never been to the Spaghetti Warehouse before, but our daughters have been. We loved it! The restaurant is in an old warehouse down in the Strip District and it's awesome. They have a ton of very old advertising signs on the walls in every room and Tom was impressed. He collects many of this type of sign and said they were all originals.

Tom had a pasta with shrimp and said it was very good. I ordered lasagna and it was fabulous!! Either soup or salad came with your meal, and since I'd been eating so many salads this past week, I opted for wedding soup. It was very good.

I did have a very small piece of their homemade bread roll. I couldn't resist, and when Tom offered me a second slice, I declined. I did want it, mind you, lol I won't lie. I wasn't able to finish my lasagna. It wasn't a huge piece, but maybe my stomach is starting to shrink? Let's hope so. I'm glad Tom and I were so busy talking with his sister Caren and our son-in-law's mom Bev because we didn't hear the waiter ask if we wanted any dessert. Even though I was full, I might have been tempted to order some taramisu to bring home.

Got right back on that horse this morning though with my oatmeal and couldn't do the egg whites again so had my 2 oz. of imitation crab. I really like that stuff, hope I dont' get tired of it too quickly.

For my mid morning snack, I'm having turkey and strawberries.

I wasn't very hungry at lunchtime, but I managed to get down my potato, salad and crab meat. I also had my mid afternoon snack of turkey and strawberries. When it was time for dinner, I just couldn't do it. I was not hungry at all. For me, it's very hard to eat when I'm not hungry. How can people eat out of 'boredom' just to eat because they have nothing better to do? I know a few people like that. I just don't get it.

I went grocery shopping around 7:30 and even the foods in the store didn't appeal to me. Although I will admit that I'm getting tired of chicken and turkey just like I did with tuna. This plan is supposed to be a customized plan, so I'm customizing it to suit me on ocassion. I bought steaks for Tom, Nicki and her boyfriend Bob.
Nicki or Tom won't mind if I take a 2 oz. piece from theirs. I figure, if I can get through breakfast all the way through mid afternoon snack I might as well award myself now and then.

Mrs. Hyde was a bad girl tonight. While I was putting away groceries, since we hadn't eaten dinner, she finished off the lasagna from yesterday's doggie bag. Luckily there was only about 3-4 bites left so hopefully she didn't screw us up for our weigh-in tomorrow morning.


I want to add that before I started this new eating plan, I had to take Prilosec every day for my GERD. If I missed a pill, I'd suffer during the night and would have to take a couple Rolaids. Since I've been on this eating plan, my GERD has not acted up once. I got brave and stopped taking the pill five days ago, and so far so good. No reflux at all.

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