Friday, May 30, 2008

Days 4, 5 & 6 : Six Week Body Makeover Plan

Day 4 Friday
May 30, 2008

I was a little bit hungry when I woke this morning. I couldn't wait to have some oatmeal with cinnamon. Wasn't too crazy about more egg whites, but you have to have a protein with the carb and I wasn't wanting any fish or turkey, so egg whites it was.

My midmorning snack was 2 oz. turkey and 1/2 cup pineapple.

I was completely out of milk for the grandkids, so after my shower we all headed over to the store for milk. While there I decided to pick up some imitation crab ( which are allowed) as an alternative fish source. Tuna was getting to me.

For lunch I had 2 oz. of the crab, 1 cup salad greens with tomato ( 1 tablespoon non-fat Italian dressing) and a very small baked potato with black pepper. I cut up the potato into chunks and topped it with the salad and crab. It was really good!

Mid afternoon snack was 1 oz. turkey with 1/4 cup pineapple.

Dinner was a repeat of lunch.

I hadn't weighed myself prior to this plan because our scale isn't working. It's one of those old penny scales and the grandkids liked to get on it, but instead of just stepping off, they'd jump off and something's out of whack now. Tom keeps saying he'll get it fixed, but so far it's not. Susan told me if I was going on my walk to stop by her house and I could use her scale, so that's what I did. The last time I was weighed was at the doctor's office about a month ago. Until Tuesday I really hadn't been watching what I ate. I was 7 lbs lighter.
Susan's scale probably isn't the same as the doctor's but seeing a 7 lb difference helps alot. My sister-in-law says I can take her scale to keep as long as I need it, she belongs to Curves and gets weighed there. Once I get her scale, I'll just go by that one.

Day 5 Saturday
May 31, 2008

I'd been eating my breakfast about 7:30 during the week. I woke up at 7:15 but fell back to sleep until 8:30. You are supposed to keep on a regular schedule, but as long as I eat every 2-3 hours, I hope it'll be ok.

I wasn't hungry at all this morning, but once I starting eating, I was able to eat it all.

I had my 1/2 cup oatmeal and for my protein had 2 oz. crab. Sounds like a weird combination I know, but it was good.

Midmorning snack: 2 oz. turkey and 1/2 cup sliced strawberries. That equaled out to 2 large strawberries. I find I'm really looking forward to the snacks, as that's the only time I can have some fruit on the plan.

Tom informed me he wanted egg salad sandwiches when he came home from work at 4 pm so that meant we weren't going to Blinkey's for dinner, which was fine. We usually either got hot wings, a fish sandwich or buffalo chicken salad. If we had gone, I would have waited to see what he ordered. If it were fish or salad, I would have shared, because they give you huge amounts. I normally have a couple rum & diet cokes, but would have an iced tea instead.

When it was time for my lunch, it was already 3:30 and I had my small baked potato topped with 1 cup green salad with tomato and radishes and 2 oz. turkey.

I just wasn't hungry the rest of the evening. I never did eat my mid afternoon snack or dinner. Just couldn't force myself to eat, when I just wasn't hungry. Damned metabolism must still be dormant.

Tom was getting a sweet tooth and I had a starter of Amish Friendship bread that needed baked. I made that and for the hour it was baking, the smell was getting to me. I just HAD to have a piece. And I did. A very small one, and it was 'heaven'. I ate nothing else the rest of the night.

Day 6 Sunday
June 1, 2008

Tom's sister Caren dropped off her scale for me this morning to use for as long as I need it. She claims it weighs her the same as Curve's scale.
Have no clue how different it is from Susan's, but I'll be using Caren's from now on. According to her scale, I've lost 6 more lbs since Thursday for a total of 13 lbs in 6 days. Photobucket Photobucket
I feel good about this since I'm eating all healthy foods (well we won't mention the Amish bread again, will we?)

Tom goes to Trader Jacks flea market every Sunday if it isn't raining and when he gets home he's starved and wants either pancakes, an omelette or a egg, cheese and sausage sandwich on toasted bagel.
This morning he wanted the sausage sandwich, one of my favorites.
I thought it would be very hard to fix him one and not myself. But knowing I've already lost 13 lbs in one week, I was able to sit down to my oatmeal and hard boiled egg whites.

I will do my mid morning snack and lunch but today will be another 'off' day as our 8 year old grandaughter's dance recital is later this afternoon and afterwards we are all going to the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner. I'll just try to take it easy. If I'm not hungry, I might be able to resist the bread rolls. One nice thing about this plan...if you have to go off it once, you just jump right back on the next meal.

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