Thursday, January 24, 2008

Test Results

I had my CT scan done on Monday with no problems. I was very relieved that my appointment wasn't screwed up this time. I don't have the results of that yet.
Although I got mail saying my mammogram was normal. That's always a huge sigh of relief.
I scheduled my colonoscopy this afternoon for Feb. 25th. I was able to get an alternative to the gallon jug of GoLightly. Half a gallon. Plus 4 Dulcolax pills.
Because of my heart disease I'm not able to take anything else. But that's still better than an entire gallon of the poop juice. That's what Tom calls it, lol.
I'm pretty sure I had written about the episode with the colonoscopy that I had scheduled in October. Another fiasco. I got deathly ill on the GoLightly after downing half the jug and had to call the doctor on call at the hospital. I had to drink something else and take some suppositories. The next day I show up for my scheduled appointment - one hour early as requested. They don't have me on the schedule.

I was so upset I cried. When they realized how upset I truly was and Tom told them I'd taken the GoLightly the day before, they told me they'd try to fit me in and not send me home. That calmed me down some....until they started asking medical history questions. When they learned I had a pacemaker/defibilator implant that was a whole new ballgame. The facility wasn't equipped to handle heart disease patients and I'd have to have the procedure done at the regular hospital. They called over there and they were swamped. No can do. I left near tears again and swore I would NOT be having a colonoscopy done if I had to drink any more poop juice.

Well, three months have passed since then, and I know it's necessary for me to have 'it' done, as I have a history of polyps and one was pre-cancerous. My maternal grandmother died of colon cancer. It's not the procedure I hate - that's a piece of cake! It's the poop juice. The damned poop juice. If it hadn't made me puke my guts out last time I probably wouldn't have put up such a fuss about the whole thing.

When I get this test done next month, I should be good for quite a while. Knock on wood.

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