Friday, January 18, 2008

More Venting

I have the WORST luck making and changing appointments.
Yesterday I called Suburban to cancel my Ultra Sound for Monday morning at 9:30 I also wanted to schedule my CT scan for the same day if possible as Deana and Tom were off work for Martin Luther King and I didn't have the grandkids to watch and Tom could take me to my appointment.

I was told that I was NOT on the schedule for an Ultra Sound. WTH???? I made that appointment last Thursday when I scheduled the Mammogram. I made it known that I was unhappy and that I knew darned well I made the appt. It was moot now though because I was calling to cancel it. But if I hadn't canceled it and kept it..........we would have been told after we went to the hospital that I wasn't on the schedule. Unbelievable.

So while I'm on the phone with Radiology, I ask if I can schedule my CT for Monday the 21st. Yes, I can. But I have to tell you, I was really starting to get leery about this hosp. and appointments. Tom's sister works there as the head Dietician. She already knew about the problems I'd had with the Mammogram appt. I emailed her at work and 'vented' a little that I think this may be the last time I have anything done there, I just wasn't happy with the way things were going.

Going back a little bit my baby grandaughter broke her leg ( read my Krazy Kraft Lady Blog ) and my daughter had taken her to Suburban for X Rays. She had a spiral fracture and was put into a soft cast. Deana was told to call an Orthopedic surgeon on Sat. or Mon. She called Sat. but no one was in the office. She called again Mon. morning before going in to work and the only available appt. was for Wed. The baby broke her leg on the previous Thurs. We didn't realize that until Friday which is the day Deana took her to the ER. From the time she was at the ER until Wed. the baby was not in the proper cast. My sister-in-law Caren, same one as above, was incredulous. It turns out that she went to the head of Pediatrics and told her what had happened and that Dr. said 'That is unacceptable'. The ER staff should have called an Orthopedic surgeon right away and had them come to the ER and set the hard cast. She said 'Heads are going to roll, you don't leave a baby go that long without the proper care'. I don't know if they ever did, but when Caren is upset about something, she does something about it.

So I was not really surprised when I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the supervisor of Radiology at Suburban. She said that my relative, who worked there ( Caren ) came down to her office and wanted to make sure that the appointment I made for the CT scan was definitely on the books. The supervisor told her that she couldn't give Caren any information. Caren wasn't asking for any information, besides, she knew everything that was going on from me. All she wanted to do was make sure that this time, nothing got screwed up.
I guess the supervisor wasn't thrilled, lol because she said if I ever have a problem with scheduling, to please call her. She then went on to explain that I had NOT been on the schedule. I was beginning to get agitated again because I knew damned well I made that appointment. She said after looking further into it, she saw that I was scheduled at their 'OTHER' hospital across town. The main hospital which is on the North Side of town had bought the smaller one a while back. I told her that I did NOT make the appointment at the Main hospital, that I called and made it the same day as the Mammogram, immediately afterwards as a matter of fact, and had not even hung up the phone and I began to get into the episode with the Mammogram fiasco. She didn't want to hear about THAT though. She said she'd already apologized to me for that one that particular day. I asked her if she's the one who did the Mammo on me ( because SHE'S the ONLY one who actually apologized, several times in fact) and she said no, she was at the desk. The woman at the desk is the one who referred to me as the 'no show'. Grrrrrrr

She went on to 'explain' that it's possible when I called Suburban to make the US appt. that the call was 'rerouted' to AGH. If this is actually true, why wouldn't the person I was making the appointment with ask which hospital I wanted the scan done at. As far as I'm concerned, I made it at Suburban. So now I have to call AGH and cancel an appointment I had no intention of making with them. Grrrr
The supervisor 'offered' to do that for me. Hmmmmmmm My overly suspicious mind wonders if she offered, because if I called there myself..........would I be told that I did not have an appointment??? I don't know. I just know that this is all very aggravating and I'll think twice before I schedule another appointment at Suburban. At the very least, after this experience, I'll double check and triple check to make sure everything is correct.
Tom wants to know why this stuff always happens to me? I'd like to know too.

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