Tuesday, December 04, 2007

House Of Emesis

Tom and I hadn't started our Christmas shopping yet and Christmas Eve is just 3 weeks away. He had yesterday off so we were hoping to work things out with the grandchildren ( I watch them during the week) so we could take the day and get some shopping done. Grandma Bev would be keeping Jonah in the morning and taking him to preschool, then she had a physical therapy appointment in the afternoon. Our youngest daughter Nicki ( 26) who still lives at home agreed to stay here and watch the baby, Ayden ( 12 mo.) and then both Jordyn ( 7) and Jonah would be dropped off at our house from school at 2:30. We figured we would probably be home by then if we got an early start.

Jonah hadn't been feeling well on Sunday, had thrown up a few times during the day so his mom, our eldest daughter Deana, called to find out if Nicki would watch the kids at her house instead of ours. Now Nicki is very paranoid when it comes to anyone being 'sick'. She did not want to watch the kids if they are sick. Even if it meant disrupting Tom's and my plans.

I told Deana I would come over to their house in the morning so she wouldn't have to miss work.

Deana called me later Sunday night and said Jonah appeared to be much better, hadn't thrown up for several hours, but she'd call me in the morning to let me know if she was going to go ahead and send him to Grandma Bev's and school.

I got the call at 8 am. He was feeling good so Deana would be dropping the baby off here and then driving him to his other grandma's on her way to work at 9:30 and Grandma Bev would walk him up to the school at 11:30. Nicki would watch Ayden here at the house as planned.

I got breakfast for Tom and myself and then jumped in the shower. I heard the phone ring and knew Tom had picked it up but couldn't make out what was being said. He opened the bathroom door and said not to rush, we weren't going, Jonah threw up in Deana's car just as she pulled up to Grandma Bev's apartment.

Deana had to drive home, change Jonah out of his soiled coat and gloves and clean out her car. She called work to let them know she'd be late. She really wanted to just take the day off, but was told she'd be written up. I think that really stinks. She works for the Post Office Encoding Center and this is their 'busy time of year'.

Deana and Jonah got here at 11am. Poor little guy had dark circles under both eyes and looked very pale and was hugging a little 'bucket' under his chin and he no sooner got in the house and was wretching again. It was nonstop and by now it was mostly bile.

Deana snuggled with him for a bit, fed the baby and had to leave by 11:30 to be at work by noon. Jonah had fallen asleep and I was playing on the floor with the baby. The phone rang at 12:45, it was the school calling. Could someone please come pick up Jordyn, she'd just thrown up twice at school.

Tom was on his way out to run some errands and test out Nicki's car as she said she'd heard some weird noise. He told her he'd just take her car to pick up Jordyn and she started freaking out. "I don't want her throwing up in my car!!!!". Settle down Nicki, good grief. I gave Tom a bucket and said Jordyn will know what to do with it.

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rings. I knew it would be Jordyn and ran to answer it. She was throwing up on the front porch. Jonah was throwing up on the couch ( in his own little bucket). Where was Jordyn's bucket? Tom was carrying it up the driveway along with her school bag. I'm shaking my head because I'd told him to make sure Jordyn had the bucket. Now I also had the front porch to clean off.
I got Jordyn in the house, out of her coat and shoes and into the bathroom to wash off her face and hands. She had to be sick again in the toilet. I left her there for a minute while I went to check on Jonah and the baby. The baby was fine, playing with her toys and Jonah was nodding off again.

I got Jordyn settled on the opposite end of the couch from Jonah with her bucket and a blanket. She was sick three more times before she started to fall asleep.

Tom wanted to eat an early dinner so I brought the baby out to the kitchen with me, started flouring the cube steaks for country fried steak with bisquits and gravy.

Dinner was ready, I took Tom's plate into our bedroom where he was 'hiding out' because he didn't want to get sick. Nicki was hiding out in her bedroom because she didn't want to get sick. I didn't want to get sick either, but those poor babies sure were and needed me, we grandma's and moms do what we have to do whether we like it or not.
I was just sitting down to eat when I heard some more wretching..........but it was close by. It was the baby. All over her, all over the carpet. I pushed my plate away and thought, I can't eat now ......or later. I have a weak stomach.

I sucked it all in, cleaned off the baby, changed her into a pair of pajamas and got her settled in her carrier seat so I could clean the carpet. She started to nod off but within minutes was sick again. Jordyn threw up again. Jonah was still sleeping. Tom and Nicki were still hiding. COWARDS!!!! POUND POUND POUND!!!!!!

This gramma was looking forward to a nice quiet evening and maybe a double double. Maybe even a triple triple.

Deana and John both called to see how Jonah was doing. Neither one knew that the other two girls were also sick. Once I told them, Deana tried again to come home but was denied leave. John is a truck driver and had to finish his loads but he'd try to get here asap. It was 4 pm when he arrived. Normally on Mondays he doesn't get here until after 6:30.

Jonah hadn't thrown up anymore, but had diarrhea. Jordyn was still wretching and while John had buckled Ayden in her carseat carrier.......she upchucked again all over her coat and seatbelt.

When everyone had left, Nicki finally comes out of her room and starts spraying everything in sight with Lysol. I sprinkled carpet fresh all around and sprayed some Febreeze. The sick smell was getting to me.

Tom asked me if I felt like going Christmas shopping and while I sure didn't, I figured I could use some fresh air. We got quite a bit done in a short time.

We arrived back home by 7:30 and I called Deana to find out how the kids were doing. Jonah was doing well, but the girls were still very sick. John had picked up some pedialite and juice for the kids but they weren't keeping it down. I sent over some popsicles.

Deana called me this morning and said the girls were still sick but Jonah seemed to be back to normal. And.......John is now sick too. She is worn out. Tonight I called to see how everyone was doing. The baby is taking popsicles and a little of the pedialite. Jonah is eating soup. Jordyn tried some soup but after a few bites pushed it away and wanted to go back to bed. John was sleeping, not feeling much better.

Deana wanted to know how I've been feeling today, she's worried since I was with the kids all day yesterday and cleaning up after them, that I'm probably next in line along with herself to being the next ones fallen ill. I sure hope not. When moms are sick........there's nobody to take care of us.

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