Friday, December 14, 2007

House Of Emesis Part II

Well, the hammer has fallen and it's fallen hard.

Let's go back to Friday the 7th. Jordyn was well enough to return to school but we kept Jonah home ( with me ) because he still had diarrhea. By late morning however, he was fine and the baby was even over her illness.

My daughter Deana had planned a big family party for Ayden's first birthday on Sunday the 9th. Her actual birthday was the 12th. Now, everyone that was invited to this party knew that the family had been sick the week before and no one was 'forced' to attend.

It was like the Domino Effect......we were all falling like flies. I don't know what symptoms some of the others had, I only know about my own family. Tom fell ill sometime during the early hours of Tuesday. He was very nauseous and complained of a headache and said he felt like he'd been run over by a truck. He tossed all night, couldn't get into a comfortable sleeping position. He was off Tuesday and spent the day in bed. He would only take some hot tea and soup. He called off work on Wednesday and spent another day in bed.
Tues. night Nicki was over a friends house and came home early because she wasn't feeling well. Her complaints were vomiting and body aches and she too spent all day Wed. in bed. Wed. night I was watching TV with Tom. It was around 10 pm and he was starting to feel much better. All of a sudden I got a severe cramp in my abdomen, felt like someone was tying my insides into knots. This kept up for about an hour and then I had to run to the bathroom to be sick. This kept up all night long. I had to stay in bed all day yesterday. I was lucky to keep a couple popsickles down.

I woke up this morning and feel fine, except for a headache, which could be from too much sleep.

There's a viral infection going around and I assume that's what this has been. It doesn't appear to last longer than 24-48 hours but in our case, Jonah had the roughest time. He would be feeling better and then WHAM he'd be sick again.

Daughter Carey is the only one so far that hasn't fallen ill.....and I hope she makes it through the weekend. She has been planning a big Christmas party at her home for tomorrow night.

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