Saturday, November 17, 2007

Met A Celebrity Today

This morning I went along with my sister-in-law Caren and her friend Barb to the West End's Holiday local shop event called West End Village 5th Annual Progressive Brunch. A number of the local stores in the area have an 'open house', the establishments are decorated for Christmas and they hand out freebies and have special sales. The florist and gift shoppe handed out mimosas ( orange juice and Champagne ) other shops had cookies, bagels, fruit cups, sandwich bites and soup samples. At the florist shop which is the first stop on the list, you are given a card with the names and addresses of all the shops participating, and when you visit one, you have to have them signed by an employee next to their shop's name. When you've finished, you drop the signed card back off at the florist shop and you're entered into a drawing for a $500 gift basket of goodies.St. James Church, which is no longer a church, but called Buon Sapore, an exclusive Italian Importer of glassware from Murano, cutlery from Maniago, ceramics and inlaid woodwork from Sorrento. The founder/owner's name is Carlo Dozzi. What makes this shop extremely attractive is the inside still resembles a church minus pews, but the beautiful stained glass windows are still intact. The pulpit is still there and where the alter was are two extremely gorgeous pieces of wood furniture, that very well may have been brought over from Italy and is used to display some of the products. I was very intrigued with them. The reason I suspect they are from Italy is that the owner has journeyed back and forth to Italy for the last 30 years.
While I was browsing the shop I noticed two older men talking. I recognised one as an actor! For the life of me I couldn' t recall his last name, although I was positive his first name is Tom. Tom Skerrit? No, that wasn't it. It just would NOT come to me. I walked around a little bit and it was driving me crazy.
Then it came to was Tom Atkins. Tom Atkins was born and raised in Pittsburgh, moved out to Los Angeles where he played in T.V. shows such as Rockford Files, Serpico, Harry O, and movies Striking Distance with Bruce Willis which was made here in Pittsburgh, Lethal Weapon, Halloween III Season Of The Witch, The Fog ( 1980) , Escape From New York, and many more. He is also a frequent player at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre where he's played a one-man show 'The Chief' in which he depicts Art Rooney, the late founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Once I recalled his name I wanted to go over and say hello but I'm very shy. It took a few minutes for me to talk myself into it, I knew if I left and didn't do it I'd kick myself for days. When he was alone, I walked right up to him and said "hello, I recognize you from movies and TV and just wanted to say hi." Lame I know, but that's what I said. He said "What's your name" and I told him. He then said "I'm Tom Atkins", shook my hand and I replied "I know". lolHe told me that he was born in Pittsburgh ( which I already knew) and was living out in L.A. and he's living in Pittsburgh again ( which I didn't know) but he didn't say exactly where. There was a woman kneeling on the floor a few feet from us looking at some glassware and he introduced her as his wife Janis. ( I looked up the spelling, as I thought it might be Janice). He told me that the owner ( Mr. Dozzi) is a very good friend of his. Mr. Dozzi is the other man he had been talking to and he was wearing a Steelers shirt.
Mr. Atkins wore a nice dark pair of pants with a dark navy blue pullover sweater and black shoes.Mr. Atkins is a very handsome man. His hair and mustache are a beautiful shade of white ( not yellowed). I didn't know how old he was, but I thought he might be in his early 60's. He looks GREAT. Well, when I got home I did a search on the net - and he was born in 1935 so he's 72. No way does he look it. He takes very good care of himself.
Tom Atkins is one of Tom's and my favorite actors since he's from our hometown. I can't wait til Tom gets home from work so I can tell him I shook hands with the 'other Tom'.If you don't recognise his name, I'm sure you will his photo - he's an actor you see in tons of movies both at the theatre and on TV. He mostly plays a cop.

That was my excitement for today. Darn he didn't ask me for my autograph.

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  1. Hi Neenee
    Wow! what an exciting day you had meeting Tom Atkins. You luck lady!!!


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