Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time For Another Road Trip

Tom and I are leaving in the morning for our bi-annual 'road trip' to St. Charles, IL for the Chicagoland Antique Advertising Slots and Jukebox Show.
Our Aussie friend Lee isn't able to join us this year and we're sorry he isn't able to make it. He loves road tripping with us.
We'll be gone a week, antiquing in Ohio, Michigan, Indiania tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday along the way and arriving in St. Charles at dinner time Tuesday evening. If we drove straight through to St. Charles it would take us about 10 hours. We did that once, and it's too much for us, we prefer breaking up the trip by antiquing and spending the night at a motel and getting up for a fresh start. The return trip home however is straight through and feels more like 18 hours.
Mrs. Hyde has been around off and on but she's pretty much been behaving herself or maybe it's that no one wants to get her riled up so THEY are the ones behaving themselves. She's ready for the road trip too, I think she's getting a little bored watching me craft every day and wants a change of scenery. We are both looking forward to the week as the forecast looks 'cool' and we like it that way. I'm a planner though, and packed short sleeved tops as well as sweatshirts, jeans and capris. Also taking a winter coat and a light jacket, so Mrs. Hyde and I ready for anything.
Mrs. Hyde is disappointed that Lee isn't making the trip this year, but she'll have the backseat all to herself and if we're lucky, she'll stretch out and sleep most of the way.
Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't ruin our trip for us - but on the other hand, if she gets all riled up, it will give me something to write about.
See you next week!

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