Thursday, August 30, 2007

Am I Going Insane?

This has nothing to do with menopause nor anything to do with my heart disease.

But either 'someone' is playing a very mean prank on me, or I am totally beginning to lose 'it'.

Almost a year ago, I repainted our bathroom and replaced the scroll work with shiny gold background light switch cover to oak wood plate covers. Two of them. One for the regular light switch and one for the overhead fan switch.

I make a regular habit of cleaning them with a dustcloth sprayed with Pledge everytime I clean the bathroom. Okay, maybe I missed wiping them down a time or two.

I cleaned the bathroom yesterday and went to wipe down the switches..........and they aren't oak. They aren't any kind of 'wood', they are the original light switch plates that I had removed. I don't remember tossing them out, so I can't say that I did do that. Where the heck are my oak plates???

Tom's designated lunch break stop is our home, so when he came home the first thing I said to him was "why did you take my wood covers down and put the old ones back up?". I guess he didn't like my tone of voice or the fact that I'm accusing him. He says "I'm really worried about you, you are losing it."

Well that got my dander up even more and I just can't let it go, so I call in our youngest daughter (25) Nicki. She uses the bathroom just as much as we do, so I'm hoping she can confirm the wood plates. She doesn't. She says the light covers that are up are the original covers.

I KNOW THAT.......but I changed them almost a freaking year ago!!!

I even draw a picture of the shape of the covers that are 'missing'. The are rectangular but the corners are rounded. I get blank stares from the two of them and they walk away shaking their heads in unison.

This is bothering me all afternoon. Am I losing it?

When our oldest daughter comes to pick up the grandchildren, I ask her "without going into the bathroom, can you tell me what the light switch covers look like in there"? She thinks a minute and says, "the ones that came with the house."

............"no, wait a minute, didn't you change them to wooden ones when you redid the bathroom"?


I tell Tom AND Nicki what she said and Tom says if I accuse him one more time he's having me committed.


I'm buying new OAK WOOD light switch covers this weekend and I'm sleeping with one eye open. Either someone is playing a nasty little prank on me or we have ghosts.

Anyone know the number for Ghost Busters?

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  1. LOLOL hey did you ever find out what happened to the light switch covers? This is so funny :D Carm

  2. Hi Carm - nope. Nobody is fessin' up. :( I'm going out looking for new ones this afternoon. I'm thinking of rigging up an electric shock to the next person or ghost who even tries to unscrew the plate cover.


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