Monday, September 03, 2007

Look In Your Jug BEFORE You Drink From it

Every morning on Tom's day off, I fix us breakfast. I like coffee with mine and he likes hot tea with sugar and lemon. This morning, after he drank his cup of tea he says "I found a surprise in the bottom of my cup, you left the teabag in, I wondered what I was chomping on". He wondered, but he kept drinking anyway. lol

He said it reminded him of the time he found another surprise in his water jug years ago, when he was doing his route. It was August and the temperature was in the 90's and the humidity was stiffling. He fills his jug up with ice before he leaves for work and by the time he drives to his route, the ice is beginning to melt and he has ice water.

This particular day, when he got home from work he looked a little green around the gills. He said that something must be wrong with our water, that when the ice cubes melted, and he had his first drink, that it was really nasty and had little hairs in it. Ewwwwwww. I asked him if he tossed it out and asked one of the people on his route if they could refill it for him. He said no, he didn't want to bother anyone and besides, they would want to 'shoot the breeze' and it was so hot, he just wanted to finish up the route and get back to the Post Office.

He said he did drink all the water though because he was dehydrating.

After dinner that evening, he rinses out his jug and a cleaning rag fell out. He stood there with this dumbfounded look on his face, not realizing what it was and lifted it up to his smelled of Murphy Oil soap. I couldn't help it, I lost it and starting laughing so hard my belly ached and tears were streaming down my face.

What must have happened, is the day before I was cleaning the bathroom and I wiped up the floor and around the toilet with Murphy Oil soap. I always dump the bucket of dirty water out, and place the bucket back under the kitchen sink. The rag was wet and instead of running it down to the laundry room, I opened the cupboard and tossed it into the bucket. Well, at least that's what I thought I'd done. I must have missed and it landed inside his water jug. For some reason the lid wasn't on it or that would never have happened. So technically, it wasn't my fault, right?

When Tom realized what the rag was used for and where it was............and then that he had been drinking from it's contents all day..............he was about to spew his dinner.

He didn't, but I was laughing so hard that I had to run to the bathroom myself.

He says "you're an evil woman Denise, I think you're trying to kill me".

Every once in a while our daughters will reminisce about past humorous family predicaments and that is always one of them. Thank God Tom has a sense of humor. He never actually laughs about it, but he doesn't get mad either. He knows it was an accident.

I can tell you though that for weeks after that incident with the Murphy Oil soap, that I bought myself a new toothbrush. I wasn't using the one that was in the bathroom.........just in case............Tom decided to get even with me and give it a little dip in the toilet bowl.

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  1. That is just too funny and a little eh...GROSS....I loved the story !! Similar things have happened to me....oh the things we do for our families....LOL

  2. OMG Im totally rollin over here, your poor hubby hehe, Carm


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