Monday, July 16, 2007

Effexor To The Rescue

Well, my doctor came through for me and called in a new Effexor prescription for me and I picked it up yesterday. A little perturbed though because there are NO refills........wth?? and she did not call in the Naproxin ( anti-inflammatory) med for my pinched nerve ( possible sciatic nerve ). I guess 'they' want that darned $10 co-pay just to hand me a script, because she won't be doing anything else, I was just there 3 weeks ago.
I'm going to call again tomorrow and leave a message on her voice mail. My Effexor will take a while to 'kick in' so I can't promise I won't flip out. I hate voice mails.

And then since taking the Effexor all over again, I've been getting severe sweats. It's driving me crazy. I'd forgotten that it's a side effect of the med. I will probably be sleeping on the couch tonight with the rotating fan on full blast again. If I weren't afraid of falling off and drowning, I'd sleep on the raft in the pool.

It isn't easy being menopausal.

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  1. You can buy Naproxin Sodium in the grocery store :D I use it all the time for cramps, its the only thing that works for me :D


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