Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yep. I've come to the conclusion I do need to get back on it. We just returned from our 2 week seashore vacation and I had a couple episodes where I 'snapped' at my family. I don't even realize I'm doing it until it's brought to my attention. It's not so much 'what' I say, but 'how' I say it that bothers them. I sound bitchy, which I just HATE and I don't like the mood swings at all. One minute I'm calm and before you know it , something insignificant bothers me and sets me off. Sure would hate to see myself if the 'something' were major.

One incident that 'could' have set me off and didn't only because I'd gone to the ladies room at the time, might have landed me in jail. I'm fairly certain I would have gotten in this woman's face and pounded it like I did my calculator a couple weeks ago.

To set this up, let me explain about my sweet innocent 7 month old darling baby grandaughter Ayden. She cut her first two teeth our first week on vacation AND she realized that she could communicate with us without crying. She had a VOICE and wanted to use it. She can't talk, but she can make noises and one that she had a great time using was 'ahhhhhhh'. Yes, it could get pretty loud at times, she has strong lungs. I suppose it could grate on someone's nerves - as it did on Poppy in this photo.

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But she never cried or threw a tantrum, she just wanted to get our attention, to let us know she was 'there' and wanted to 'talk' with us. Of course her mommy and aunts and I had a great time 'ahhhhhhing' her back.

We were heading home from vacation, and stopped off in Adamstown, PA at the Silk City Diner for breakfast. We had a lovely breakfast and were waiting for the kids to finish their chocolate milks. Tom had gone to the register to pay our check. In the meantime the table directly in front of us were seating about 6 ladies and gents, they were about Tom's and my age, maybe older. We are 57 and 54. ( Today is Tom's birthday, btw). Ayden let out a 'aaaaaaaaah' and the woman directly behind her, who was just seating herself made a disgusted sound.

A few minutes later Ayden 'talked' again and this woman turned around, and if looks could kill, my poor little grandbaby would be dead. I looked at my son-in-law John and said 'did you see that??' He did and it really ticked him off. We ignored it. I really needed to use the ladies room so got up and left. Halfway out of the room I heard Ayden 'calling' me and smiled. I just love that sweet baby, if you can't tell. I heard her once more before going into the ladies room.

When I returned from the ladies room, my family was already outside waiting for me and they were up in arms. The third time Ayden 'squealed' the woman said 'JESUS' in a very exasperated tone I'm told. My 31 year old, Carey says to Ayden's mom Deana, 'you've just been 'Jesused'. Now Deana is one of those mama bears. She protects her younguns. But I guess she was holding her tongue and trying to ignore this witchy woman.

The two older kids finished their milks and Deana says to John 'let's go'. That woman turned around and said 'PUH......LEEEEEZE'.

When I heard all this, I was fuming. I wanted so very badly to go back in there and let her have it full force. Come on!!!! We are talking about a 7 mo. old BABY who is NOT crying, not throwing a tantrum. I could understand if she were a toddler or older and misbehaving and mom and dad not correcting her for 'bothering' the other customers. That might irritate me too, but I have kids, I have grandkids, I know how it is. I'd suck it up and keep my mouth shut. I would never have given dirty looks or made rude comments to the parents.

*note: if the baby had been crying and we couldn't get her to stop, one of us would have taken her out to the car so as not to 'disturb' anyone else.

I have no idea what I would have said to her but I am pretty sure I'd have gotten up in her face and called her some 'choice' names for sure. I think the way she behaved was more infantile than Ayden's behavior. We were getting ready to leave anyway, she should have sucked it up and waited a few minutes and then could have enjoyed her meal. I hope she had major stomach upset and heartburn. For sure, she would have also had an excruciating headache.


For anyone out there who doesn't agree with me..........POUND POUND POUND

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  1. OMG OMG LOL Pound Pound Pound that was great Neenee I was laughing soo hard! BUT You are soo right how rude was that lady that was unbelievable Your poor grand daughter just realized she had a voice only for some dumb adult to get irrated by it! You GO Neenee! LOL


  2. LOL glad you enjoyed it Angie-every bit of it is true.
    I'm finding that even on the Effexor though, I still want to do lots of pounding when I get angry. It may be helping my mood swings but my hand is getting awfully tired of pounding - I may have to start using a hammer- or go to anger management classes LOL *Ü*

  3. OH, I am sorry this rude lady came in as your lovely family was is so hard to hold one's tongue...she was extremely rude, who knows maybe she is dying and just couldn't take a lovely little new voice entering a world she herself doesn't like can always come up with excuses.
    You did yourself proud and didn't disgrace your family:) Give the Effexor a chance...hope it helps you through this rough time.


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