Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Road Trip Part3

Day 3 March 28, 2007

Tom is up by 7:00 am and after he dresses goes over to the motel office for our free continental breakfast. He brings me back a coffee and cheese danish. He leaves at 7:15 for the Fairgrounds, in hopes that just maybe, there will be lots of trucks that show with some good items. Good luck buddy.

After my breakfast and shower I head on over to 'my office'. The motel has a downstairs meeting room with a smaller room that they permit guests to use to check their emails. I luck out each time since everyone who stays at the motel, is over at the Fairgrounds, so I get the computer all to myself for two hours, tee hee.

I take my second cup of coffee with me and turn the lights on, the computer is humming and I get ready to log on. The guest user name and password are taped to the computer and it's not letting me sign in. Check that the caps aren't locked. Nope. Retype, maybe you hit a wrong key. Nope. Okay, there's a 1 after the user name, did I type it in? Yep.
Now I'm getting annoyed. I go upstairs to the clerk and tell her the computer won't let me sign in. She rolls her eyes ( she thinks I didn't see that ) and puts a little sign out on the counter that says 'Back in a minute'. She sits down, types in the username and password and gets right on. Grrrrrr. I tell her I KNOW I typed in the right words. She asks if I included the 1 after the user name. YES, YES, YES I did!!!! She laughs and says I'm not the only one who has trouble signing in. Sheesh.
After she went back upstairs, It finally dawned on me what I was doing. At home, when typing in numerals I always use the number keypad on the right of the keyboard, not the numerals at the top of the keyboard. I was doing the same thing with this computer - and it dawned on me that someone must have put on the number lock. Sure enough, that was the problem.

I needed another cup of coffee by this time. I check my emails, visit my sites, do a little surfing and before I know it, Tom has come for me. 11:00 already. Fast morning.
We drove over to Geneva which is a small town nearby, to one of my favorite shoppes. It's called The Country Store on James St. and has lots of wonderful prim and country items for sale. A bit pricey but I just love looking at everything. They have the most wonderful lamps and chandeliers made out of wood that has been distressed with punched tin shades and little 'prim' electric candle lights. I have my eye on a table lamp that costs $236.00 and that's as close as I'll ever get to having one. I would also love a chandelier but I can't see me giving up my ceiling fan just yet. I've seen these chandeliers with the fans included, but somehow it loses the prim effect.

We stop at a few small antique stores and neither of us find anything so we head to The Filling Station in St. Charles for lunch. It's a really neat place. It used to be an actual filling station, turned into a bar/restaurant. The inside has old advertising tin signs hanging from the ceiling, some refurbished old gas pumps inside and out on the patio. The food is very good. Tom and I always order the hot wings and a High Octane Burger to share. The burger is huge which is why we share it, and the serving of fries ( fresh cut potatoes) is really large.

After lunch we hit up St. Charles Mall and a few other places then head back to the motel to 'rest' a bit before dinner. While Tom takes his shower, I go to my 'office' to check on things.

We have 'dinner' at Panera Bread. Just a cup of soup and 1/2 sandwich.

Now it's 7:30 and we're back at the motel and within 1/2 hour Tom is sleeping like a baby, lol. These trips just wipe him out. It's Wednesday and I want to make sure I tune in to LOST at 9:00 - Illinois is one hour behind us and sometimes I forget that and miss my favorite shows. I usually have a glass of wine now while relaxing but since I can't drink because of my meds, I have some Welch's grape juice instead. I pretend it's wine.

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