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Road Trip Part2

Day 2 March 27, 2007

We were concerned if I was going to have any problems sleeping in the motel bed, since it had only been a week that I was able to move from the living room sofa to our own bed. I brought my reading pillow along, to help elevate my head and chest and used a pillow under my knees like I was doing at home. Those beds are not the most comfortable, but I managed to get a good night's rest.

Tom had taken his shower the night before, and I like to take mine in the mornings to get my day started nice and fresh. I like that the motel had a standing shower instead of a tub, but Lordy it was difficult to feel 'clean'. There isn't much room in this type shower, and the blasted shower curtain kept blowing in and sticking to your body. You try to wash your legs and feet and the bloody water rinses off the soap before you begin to scrub.
Mrs. H. was more aggravated than I was, but she kept her cool. I'm really surprised she didn't throw a hissy fit. She probably knew that if she caused a fuss, Tom was likely to leave her behind. The best way to get clean was to get wet, turn the shower off, scrub, then turn it back on. Ridiculous way to shower, but after rinsing 'we' just stood there for a while with the hot water massaging our backs....that is until the hot water magically turned into ice cold water. I yelped. She yelped. The water continued to yo yo back and forth, hot, cold, hot, cold. Not a good way to start off the day.
We headed for McDonalds for breakfast. The only thing we ever buy there is the sausage egg Mcmuffins and coffee for me, hot tea for Tom. One thing I can say about McD's. Their burgers and fries might be cold but their coffee is damned HOT. I burnt the roof of my mouth and tongue and this was after adding 3 of those creamers. I recalled the time not too many years ago where a customer had filed suite because they were badly burnt from the coffee. Now I can see why. I put a lid on my coffee and took it with me. I couldn't drink it for quite a while.

We drove into Niles, Michigan to one of my favorite antique shops, Four Flags Mall. ( South Bend is right on the Michigan Border ) and Niles MI is only a couple miles up the road. This particular shop has a huge crafts room on the second floor and I love to buy my room/linen sprays and scented rosehips here, and I love to just look at all the different primitive and vintage crafts. I had every intention on buying something for myself but nothing called my name. I was disappointed, but we had a few days to go yet. We looked around for a good hour and believe it or not, when we went back out to the truck, my coffee was still warm.

Heading back towards South Bend we hit two more antique malls and then we got back on the Indiana Turnpike. Our next destination was LaPorte, IN. To our dismay one of our favorite antique stores had closed.

An hour later we were back on the road headed towards Chicago. There's a stretch on 80-94 that we absolutely hate. There are 5 lanes in some areas and 4 in others. The drivers are like kamekazes. They weave in and out constantly and FAST, you'd think you were on a speedway course. You are literally taking your life in your hands when you drive this road.
By the time we get to St. Charles and our hotel, we are ready for a good stiff drink to calm our nerves. Rather Tom was ready for a beer......I had to stick to diet Coke.

We went to Gino's East for a Chicago style deep pan pizza. YUM. Their crust is a yellow color and very tasty. The cheese is the middle layer and the sauce is on top. You bite into the pizza and a long string of mozzarella stretches out and slaps back onto your chin. Ah, it's good. We order a small for the two of us and it's just enough. Once again, Tom gets to enjoy a nice cool brew with his pizza and I don't.

We are in bed by 9 pm and Tom is sleeping by 9:15. I stay up a little longer and watch some TV. He's getting up early in the morning to head over to the Kane County fairgrounds where some vendors will be set up with their goodies. This lasts for two days.
I may have forgotten to mention that we are collectors of 40's & 50's jukeboxes, 50's soda machines, soda fountain items, and original advertising signs ( mostly soda). We are in St. Charles for the Chicagoland Antique Advertising, Slot Machine and Jukebox Show.
I am not going over as that particular 'show' is boring for me. It has really gone downhill over the last few years, with less and less vendors every show. But Tom enjoys BS'ing with all the guys he knows from years of collecting and he'll come back for me before noon. Then we get to do some things I like...........SHOPPING.

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