Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quiet On The Home Front

Our little 3 day trip last week was very relaxing and we had a great time antiquing. I have to say that both Tom & Mrs. Hyde were on their best behavior. Tom was very considerate when we were coming up on a reststop and Mrs. H. was a little disappointed that there was no need to use the cattle prod but she had a great time as well and there were no incidents to provoke her bad temperament. We did sleep with the AC on at night and Tom buried himself under our blankets. He muttered under his breath a few times but because the blankets were covering his head, Mrs. H. couldn't hear him very well and there was a program on TV she was interested in so she pretty much ignored his ramblings. He fell asleep quickly since we had long days starting at 6 am and running until 8 pm. I did catch him one night tiptoeing over to turn the AC off but since I was already comfortable I let it slide and let him think he pulled one over on me. I just turned it back on in the morning when I got up to take my shower.
I think Mrs. H. is feeling pretty useless to me as I really haven't had any need for her 'services' of late. I picked up 7 nice shutters at an antique store to paint and distress for adding to my EZshoppe and to take some to a craft show I signed up for in early November. I started out using some sandpaper to sand the edges and my hand was getting sore so Mrs. H. volunteered to take over. She's smarter than I am. She went down to the basement to get Tom's little sander machine and she went to town sanding. I did have to gently remind her we weren't sanding the shutter down into a toothpick and to ease up a bit. She glared at me and harumphed ( is that a word?) and handed the sander over to me to finish up. When it was time to add some grapevine twigs with Tom's powerful staple gun Mrs. H. wanted to give it try. The first time I ever used it, it scared the crap out of me. It has a kick like I would imagine a rifle to have. I never took staple gun lessons so I was agreeable to Mrs. H. doing it. She must have some hostilities she's been bottling up because as she was stapling, she'd shout out TAKE THAT YOU SOB. I have no idea who the SOB was but he/she would have been reduced to spaghetti if Mrs. H. was stapling a real live person. I wonder if she was thinking about that rude lady that pushed her way in front of us at the deli last week because she only 'needed one thing and was in a hurry' or the little tyke who kept pushing his momma's shopping cart into our ankle. Momma didn't see it the first time, nor the second. But we KNOW she knew what happened the third time when I yelped out loud. Momma never acknowledged the incident and went on her way. I can see Mrs. H. getting hot under the collar over rudeness to the point of wanting to pound something ( or someone) . As long as she's only playacting in her mind. We'll all do well to keep off her back when she has a dangerous machine at her disposal.

Aw oh....too late.... Tom just did something to really irk us. Better hide the staple gun fast.

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