Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mrs. Hyde Takes A Road Trip

As soon as Tom gets home from his doctor appointment we are leaving for a 3 day road trip to do some antiquing. We haven't been anywhere since our summer vacation end of June so we are all geared and ready to go! I'm bringing Mrs. Hyde along, I really don't have any other choice as she is part of my baggage, literally. She made a list of items to bring along for her specifically - mini battery operated fan for those times when an AC isn't available, cattle prod ( just in case Tom pulls a sneaky and rides past a rest stop when I'm cat napping - Mrs. Hyde sleeps with one eye open, so she's rather hoping he tries to pull something, she's been itching to try out this new toy). I told her it wasn't a good idea, that it might be painful and she called me a 'party pooper'. Tom told me to pack a sweat shirt and jacket because the nights and early mornings will be cooler but I'm made of tougher stuff than that. I packed a light jacket but no sweatshirt. I'll be wearing a sleeveless top under my jacket so that when those hot flashes hit me I can whip the jacket off and still be clothed decently. It wouldn't be a pretty sight if I had to whip off my sweatshirt. This old body is flabby and stretchmarked to the limits.
Tom just pulled up so we are leaving now.
Please say a little prayer for me that Mrs. Hyde behaves herself these next 3 days.

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  1. Hi Neenee

    Have enjoyed reading the stuff you have here today. I'm so bored with my school holidays and have a bad shoulder and have not been sleeping that well and well .... I think that Mrs Hyde of yours must have a super powered broom stick cause I sware she has been here all week and then some.

    Do you find her to be a bit emotional as well when she doesn't actually have anything to bitch about?

  2. Hi Helen
    Sorry you have not been feeling well.
    Mrs. Hyde has many many sisters, lol And yes, she does get pretty emotional at times - crying jags are not uncommon and she does tend to 'snip' at her loved ones when they think they don't deserve it.
    I actually miss her when she's 'underground' she has come in handy so many times. It's nice to be able to blame all your 'bitchin' on Mrs. Hyde.


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