Friday, September 15, 2006

Tomorrow Is Another Day

I thought Mrs. Hyde wouldn't be back for a few days but she's lurking in the shadows today. I had every intention of putting all my crafting supplies back into the computer room this morning. I thought I'd get on the computer first to see how 'fast' the pages would load since switching ISPs and before I knew it, it was 10:30, time for my grandson to come while mommy volunteered to work lunch at school today. We played trucks and watched the Backyardigans and colored. Mommy got back here at 11:30 and we visited for 1/2 hour before they went home so mommy could pack her dinner for work and they could have lunch before coming back over. I had an hour to get my shower but remembered I needed to call MSN to cancel our subscription and Verizon to make sure our 2nd phone line was disconnected. You would think two calls would take ...what? Ten minutes tops? HA! I was on the phone with MSN for 20 minutes, they were trying to talk me into taking another service that would have been $10 cheaper than what I was paying before. I don't need it!! I don't want it!! Mrs. Hyde took the phone out of my hand and to give her credit she didn't scream or cuss, but she was in control and told the nice lady on the other end that we were NOT interested and to please just cancel the subscription. Then she handed the phone back to me and said ' see how easy that was? Now call Verizon and you try it.' So I dialed the 1-800 number, got the right extension and had to go through another speil of 'them' trying to get me to switch back to them or at least give other services a try, blah blah blah. Mrs. Hyde was tapping her foot and pointing to the clock on the microwave. Oh no!! My grandson would be back in 15 minutes and I still hadn't taken my shower!! I was trying to be polite, as is my nature and let the lady on the other end of the line say her piece, I don't like to be rude. Mrs. Hyde said a few choice words to me, which would embarrass me to put in print and grabbed the phone off me and said ' Look I called to CANCEL, now please cancel and I'm not interested in any more options at this time. Goodbye.' She hung up the phone, glared at me and said ' You really need to learn how to handle people, you're lucky I'm here. Yes, I know, I told her.

Guess what. It's now midnight and the crafting supplies are STILL on the floor in my bedroom. I took a quick shower while my grandson was watching Caillou on TV and when I was dressed, we went outside to play ball and gas station. Gas station is when he rides his hot wheels and gramma is the gas station attendant. I have to put my lawn chair in a certain spot so that he can stop and I can put gas in his 'car'. The gas pump is a T-ball stand and the hose is a T-ball bat that sits in the top. I have to make a sound like 'pssssssssssssssss' while putting gas in his car and he hands me pretend money. We had a grand time and gramma got lots of hugs and kisses. I figured spending time with him was my first priority, not putting the craft stuff away - which is going to be there tomorrow anyway. My grandson is going to grow up so fast, before I know it he will be 10 and he won't be interested in playing with gramma. So I have been waiting all day for the 'boss' to say something. He never said a word. I will put everything back tomorrow, not because anyone 'told me to' but because I want to. And if something comes up, there's always Sunday. As Scarlett O'Hara always said 'tomorrow is another day'.

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