Monday, September 18, 2006

My Man Is Going Through 'The Change' Too.

My man, the one I've recently 'ragged' on for wanting a clean house every day and giving me a hard time about my priorities? Yeah, him. I have to remind myself to have pity on him ocassionally as well as myself. He's 2 years older than I and I've noticed he has been going through 'the Change' too. Where I experience constant hot flashes and periods of drowning in my own sweat, that poor skinny little man is always cold, on the verge of turning into a living snowman. It's mid September here in our part of the world and the temperatures fluctuate between 80 degrees and 60 degrees. 80 is too hot for me and 60 is more like it, although 50 is even better. My guy shuts all the windows in the house at night to keep the 'heat' in. It drives me crazy. I feel too claustrophobic, and I can't breathe. I need that fresh cool air. I wait until he's sleeping, better when he's snoring, and I reopen a few windows. It's either that or turn on the overhead ceiling fan, but then he'd accuse me of giving him pneumonia. I'm too hot, he's too cold.
While I take an antidepressant for my everchanging personality changes, sometimes I think he could use a good old fashioned 'chill pill'. He's a natural born worrier and I've come to realize he has some OCD. He's not exactly a fanatic but he does show some signs and our daughters have commented on them too, so I know I'm not imagining things or projecting my insecurities onto him. For instance. I have the alarm clock set for 6:30 for him to get up for work. I only change it on Saturday nights to 6:00 for when he gets up to go flea marketing. Sunday night I make sure it's reset to the correct time. We're lying in bed watching a movie and it's 9 p.m. he'll turn to me and say:
him: is the clock set?
me: yep, changed it before the movie started.
him: check it again.
me: yep, it's set for 6:30
him: a.m. not p.m. right?
me: aaaaah yeeeaah
him: ok
It's now 10 p.m. and he's ready to go to sleep:
him: the clock is set right?
him: I'm only asking.
Is the button pushed up.
(another sigh)
me: yes dear
him: check it again
We go through this routine every single solitary bloody night! Is that COD or what?
He's a freak about promptness. That's a good thing. I am prompt too. I'm very rarely ever late for anything. When we go on trips, he tells me what time we are leaving and I figure out how much time I need to take my shower and apply my makeup and fix my hair. An hour and a half is usually good. If he says we're leaving at 5 am , I set the clock for me for 3:30 am. That gives me time to do all the above and still have a 1/2 hour to double check we have everything packed ( I'm a list keeper - but that's not being COD, that's being organized). At 10 minutes to 5:00 the truck is loaded, the engine is warming, and he's sitting in it waiting for me. I take a final pee ( did I mention I have an overactive bladder? That's another story for another time). We pull out at exactly 5 am. One time I was having a bad hair day and I was holding him up for almost 10 minutes. Finally I just pulled my hair back into a ponytail and opted to skip the bathroom ( big mistake) and locked up the house and went outside.
The truck was gone. HE LEFT ME.
I was cussing and ranting and raving and cussing some more and then I heard the truck pull up out front. Apparently we had a slow leak and he went to get some air. But believe me when I say he's told us many times that if we aren't ready he's leaving. I do NOT want to test that.
Some guys going through the change start chasing younger women. He hasn't, probably because he walks 6 hours a day for his job, and he's too tired to run. Some guys out of the blue turn up with a pierced ear or change their style of dressing or a sports car. Not my guy. He's a jeans and tee-shirt kind of guy and I can't see him with an earring. A thick gold Italian necklace maybe, but not an earring. We can't afford a sports car but he did recently buy a new 'used' truck. He's been babying this truck, keeping it nice and clean, waxing it, buying accessories for it and I have not one complaint except maybe that I haven't driven it but once since we had it, and that was around the block.

All in all, he's a pretty good guy, I keep telling Mrs. Hyde that, but she's not convinced and plans to keep a watchful eye on him. She told me if he shuts the windows tonight she just might open one up and toss him out of it.

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