Saturday, September 02, 2006

All's well

What an awesome day this turned out to be!! I'm doing the happy dance all over the place. Not once did I have a hot flash or experience any other menopausal monstrosities to ruin my day or anyone else's. Didn't snap at anyone, no one snapped at me, it was all good. I must have remembered to take my Effexor XR - no headaches, no nausea...yes, it's all good today. Now if only it would stay this way. Is it too much to hope for? Am I asking for too much too soon? Nah, I deserve one good day out of the last 90.
Tailgating was great! Had a few glasses of wine, some good food , all 3 of our daughters were there, and our grandkids. We brought their scooter/trike and they had a great time riding them in the parking lot. We were in a good spot - had plenty of room for the kids to play and not get in anyone's way. There were about 20 of us in all, the young'uns ( those that are younger than me but old enough to drink) were playing 'pong' which is a drinking game. Drinking all that beer, they had to relieve themselves frequently. About 1/2 block from where we were parked were 2 port-a-johns, but the lot they were in was filled with students and the lines were atrocious. Thank God we had the foresight to bring the potty chair for our 3 year old grandson, but the young'uns must not have had much bladder control, because they chose not to wait in that long atrocious line and instead relieved their bladders in the bushes. Ok. Maybe I'm old fashioned or just plain old. I don't get it. Those young people have stronger bladders, younger limbs, they could have walked to the johns. I did!!!! But no...they chose the easier route, pee in the bushes. Ok so guys do it all the time. And I'm not excusing them but it bothered me more when I saw the young 'ladies' doing it. The guys would cheer them on. The girls would giggle and continue to pee. No toilet paper. Pee and pull up your jeans. Gross!! No one seemed to think anything of it but me. Is it because I'm menopausal? Am I out of the loop? I had to pee so bad for 2 hours. The lines were still atrocious, but my 53 year old overactive bladder had to wait until we got home. I barely made it to the toilet. But I did. I'm seriously thinking next time I might tuck a few depends in my purse.

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