Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Dance

Finally a change in the weather. This has been such a miserably hot and humid summer for me. I am actually looking forward to winter. Today the high temp is 60, but there's no sun today, it's cloudy, it rained all night, morning. There's a nice breeze wafting through the open windows I feel like I can finally breathe again without depending on the air conditioner.
I can actually put my makeup on today without sweat rolling into my eyes and burning them. I might even be able to wear my hair down today, all summer long it's been up in a ponytail to keep the hair off my neck.
We are going tailgating today. My husband and son-in-law have season tickets to the Pitt College football games. I am not a fan of football or of sports in general but I love to party, lol so I'm there. Not the game, but the tailgating. I may be the only one wearing a sleeveless or short sleeved top today but it's going to feel glorious!!!
I get hot flashes daily, I get ocassional night sweats, but this summer has been the worst I can remember for me, regarding being so uncomfortable and downright miserable. I sweat profusely - not under my arms, but on my face and neck. Every single solitary freaking day. Maybe not today though!! So far I am dry, no slick sheen on this old lady this morning!! I'm doing the happy dance!!!

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