Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stay At Home Sunday

Yesterday was Tom's 59th birthday. He had to work until 5 but when he got home I took him out to dinner. He wanted to go to Blinkey's which is a local tavern/restaurant near our home and we had a nice dinner and a few drinks. We got home around 7:30 but he couldn't even make it until 8:00, he fell asleep on the couch watching TV, finally

He was up at 5:45 and went to Trader Jack's to fleamarket. He got back home around 9:30 with some goodies, mostly fresh fruit, a basket of flowers to replace some that had died while we were on vacation, a car vacuum, some new steak knives for me ( I'd been complaining I needed some)and a light up sign for himself.

I had all the kids and grandkids over for a cookout today to celebrate Tom's birthday since we all weren't together last night. We had burgers & hotdogs on the grill, pasta salad, baked beans, corn on the cob,fruit salad and banana split dessert instead of cake.

I had hoped the pool would be nice and clear today for the kids to go in, but it's still light green and we're still trying to clear up the algae from all the rain we had 3 weeks ago. We are using the ABC non-chlorine chemicals and have had nothing but trouble so next year we are going back to chlorine and shock treatments. I vacuumed out the pool yesterday and the bottom had some slime, grossed me out. When I woke this morning my lower back was aching, now I'm also sore between my shoulder blades.
Tom will give me a good rubdown with some icy hot gel before I go to bed. I may have to return the favor as he was out vacumming this evening after the kids all left.

The grandkids will be back in an hour after they've had their baths. We are having a sleepover. After their swimming lessons in the morning Aunt Nicki and Bobby are taking them to a local public pool for a few hours. Tom is off tomorrow and has some things he wants to finish up around the yard and I'll go grocery shopping, make a stop at Joanne Fabrics for some muslin and then try to finish up an order for a customer.

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  1. Hi Denise,
    Thank you for stopping by Cackleberry Cottage and saying hello! You are one busy lady. I could never keep up more than one blog AND craft!


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