Thursday, July 16, 2009

Menopause 'Sisterhood'

I got an email this morning from a fellow crafter who is a fan of this blog and who has herself been experiencing many of the same menopausal 'ailments' as I've written about in the beginning of this blog. She even wonders if our husbands are brothers, LOL. While menopause affects each of us differently, there are still enough similarities that we can all identify with each other in one way or another. I started out writing this blog as a humorous look at my own situation. Mrs. Jeckyl being myself and Mrs. Hyde my alter ego who says and does things that I might ordinarily never do. I have a warped sense of humor sometimes, and what I might find funny, someone else reading this blog might find weird or not so funny.

My 'fan' wrote "
Your a very special person in so many ways and the kind of person that should I have met on the street.....I would have surely wanted to become good friends. You have the cutest sense of sarcastic humor when speaking about your husband. Nee Nee, you keep talking girl!!! I love your sense of humor, the way you have written in both personalities etc. Reading so far ...although I feel a sisterhood of sadness...I have enjoyed it very much and laughed many times and cheered you on the entire way!!!"

R., you've made my day with your email and as I wrote back to you, I cannot have too many friends. I count you as one of them.



  1. NeNe you are a very special person with cute post.You totally deserved that response. Thank you for your kind words for my dad

  2. you got my heart with the ben gay story omg...what a nightmare for you all.. I am so happy to hear she is ok...that had to really hurt. I love prirmives and make some myself..I have three blogs that I love to work on...and after 8 and half grandkids I know I have been down that menopausal is a sisterhood,take care

  3. Thank you so much Liz :)

    Othermother, the baby is fine, but it really could very easily have gone in the other direction, which is very scary. Thank God for fast response from 911 and our local Fire dept. medics. Off to check out your blogs!:)


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